Intiguing Testosterone Levels - 3000!

Please allow me to give offer the reader’s digest version of my question. My friend has thrived on testosterone therapy for the past eight months. Initially @100mg of test cyp from CVS his levels where in the 800s. In January he wanted to try a different format by using the 20% cream.This did not seem to work as well and his testosterone dipped to the mid 400s.

Six weeks later sought a testosterone replacement doctor that placed him on 100 test cyp twice weekly, 500IU of HCG twice weekly and anastrozole at 1 mg twice weekly. Three weeks into this therapy lab results showed a shocking free testosterone of 2929. A lab error was suspected and three days later the level of the ft came back at 2700! All along the estradiol has been in the upper forties.

The main difference was the use of a compounding pharmacy and not a store brand. what possible explanations could account for such a drastic flux in his hormone levels? Any experiences, theories,explanations or insights would be greatly appreciated. Go figure 3000 test level is that even safe?

Unless I’m reading this wrong, he doubled his dose…

“100mg of test cyp from CVS”


“100 test cyp twice weekly.”

In any case, 200mg/wk is a lot of T for some guys…some need that much but the normal starting place is 100mg/wk.

I always assume dosages to be total weekly amounts unless otherwise noted.

My bad, apologies, 200mg per week in divided equal increments. Thank you for the clarification. I’m wondering if there is some sort of synergistic effect being seen with the testosterone and the HCG, but wow- three thousand! Thanks again.

for your friend…
and no info about him…

If younger and had secondary hypo, then hCG might be creating a significant amount of T

Some have an exaggerated amount of testicular T–>E2 when using hCG and anastrozole [cannot | will not] control that

The above two points would be self-consistent.

read the advice for new guys sticky

read the protocol for injections sticky
don’t ask what it wrong when things deviate greatly from recommendations, he should try the standard protocol.

His poor response to 20% T cream suggests possible hypothyroidism, but this is nuts, get him on the forum after he reads the above stickies, he will need copies of all of his labs and post ranges as well.

T is 200mg/ml in both cases? He is confused about what volumes to inject?

200mg/wk is DOUBLE the recommended starting dose - hence the high numbers. That’s cycle territory there my friend.