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Intestinal Cleanse During Cycle?

I can currently doing the intestinal cleanse that was mentioned over in T-Cell Alpha under the Visceral Fat thread. The protocol was recommended by Get Swole and I am using it as a kickstart to my upcoming cutting cycle. I was wondering if it would have any effect on the effectiveness of my cycle. I have 2 main thoughts that I am debating in my own head.

  1. The release and excreting of old shit and toxins in the intestines would allow for fuller absorption of nutrients due to the cleanliness of the digestive tract itself. Therefore making my cycle even more effective as I would be getting the majority of the nutrients out of my ridiculously clean diet.

  2. The Seinna Root laxative that is part of the cycle would move food and nutrients through my intestines too fast so that absorption and nutrients would not be optimally absorbed. This would then not allow me to maintain peak muscle mass due to an extreme calorie deficit.

Which way of thinking is correct in your opinion?

Or does it even matter that much at all and I should stop thinking of stupid shit?

Ha, sorry, I just liked that your post started with the words “Intestinal Cleanse” and ended with “stupid shit”…

[quote]MrZsasz wrote:
Ha, sorry, I just liked that your post started with the words “Intestinal Cleanse” and ended with “stupid shit”…[/quote]

I didn’t even do that on purpose but it’s fitting none the less.

a bit of both actually mate.
Either way you kind of win though. Getting rid of all that old shit can only be good and as you said allow for more efficent absorption of nutrients.
As far as things rushing through, this is always a possibility, but one would assume, extra micro-nutrient supplementation between feeds could cover this base to a degree.

I felt I needed a lil cleasing and took 5O mcg of PGCL, I don’t know but for some reason I feel it helps, especialy if you putting down big amount calories