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Interwined Abs?


ok so i see alot of the big heavy weight competetors with interwined abs (uneven abs) which has me to lead too 2 theroies

1) AAS make ur abs grow fucked up. (which i disregarded 10 seconds later)

2) working out ur abs with "twist" workouts, hitting each side differently, causing each side to grow deferently (which would make alot more sense)

i have been working out to make sure i dont get abs like those, so ive been avoiding all twist routenes. last thing i want is interwined abs so if anyone can shed some light to avoid getting unproportional abs it would be much appricated.



Or . .

3) The shape of your abs is genetic, and a minority of the population has evenly matched abs. Nothing you can do will change the line-up.




yeh its when the tendons connect. that is where there is no muscle. just the tendons so that is y u get the 6 pack. or if u are lucky. 8 pack.
mine a intertwined. and i was kinda gutted about it but i got over it. u can't do much about it.

i originally thought it was from doin 2 much one sided work. like sweeping the gardens all on one side. hahaah


"The Chief" aka Zabo Kozewski, back in the Muscle Beach (1950's/60's)days...Weider exploited him in ads for anything abdominal, but he was one of the few who was born (blessed?)with genetically perfect 8 pack abs, and chose to develop them with thousands of roman chair situps and a tight diet. Back then they had body part award catagories, and Zabo invariably won "Best Abs" on a regular basis...

Therefore the Weider ads were bull, nothing one could do or buy from Weider to match the perfect structure of what God gave him to work with...I hear he still turns young girls heads even today when shirtless on the beach, despite being an old geezer (my hero!/:wink:


Example of perfect vs imperfect abs and why it doesnt matter: 2 champions Makkaway ("perfect" structure) and Nubret ("imperfect" structure)...Both from the days when BB meant a great V-Taper with abs and above average arms & legs, rather than GH ripped on season "bulk bellies"...


Just to further put this idea in the dirt, see the above pic. Not that I'm pointing fingers or anything (okay, I guess I am), but AAS use doesn't seem to have had wacky effects on Nasser El Sonbaty's massively prominent and evenly aligned 4-pack.

It doesn't make any more sense than the first theory. If this were true, then doing dumbbell curls would put you at risk of developing drastically mismatched biceps (which is generally not the case.)

All the previous posts have nailed it. It's genetically determined. Build some muscle, lose some fat, and see what you end up with.


An interesting note, like Blacksnake was saying about Weider exploiting Zabo's natural appearance, EAS/Muscle Media did the exact same thing with Shawn Phillips (above).

I actually just sent the magazine to a buddy of mine; it was a Muscle Media from around 10 years ago where Shawn had a HIT cardio plan that guaranteed by the end, you'd be "cleaning out the lint from between your abs with a Q-tip." Any guesses why they chose Shawn to pen that particular article and conveniently pose for the sprinting photos? :wink:


I really don't mean to post three times in a row, but I think this warants it...

Don't take this as judgmental or anything, but it baffles me that someone can still believe a myth like this, yet be so well versed in AAS use. (I happened to check your post history, which I don't usually make a point of doing, but something made me wonder.)

It is impossible to train to avoid and/or "build" specifically-shaped abs. It honestly confuses me that you could think this was true, but at 21 years old, you're knowledgeable enough to build your own cycle.

Maybe I really am getting old, but this is a sad thing.


Now this is an interesting observation, I remember the Phillips photos from those days, but did not know about the "Zaboesque" exploitation tactics they used in this case, a lot less blatant than Weider, but the same "3-card monty" to the paying customers nevertheless!

(Hell, I'm still trying to find my abs under my genetically predetermined Meso-Endo physiology, I thought I was supposed to look like Shawn Phillips? Well, at least we both wear glasses/:wink:...