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I’ve finally qualified as an accountant after many years of study.

The study used to always get in the way of my workouts but now finally thank god it’s all over and I never ever have to sit another exam again for the rest of my life.

I don’t enjoy the work at all and believe me when they say accountants are the most boring people in the world it’s no exaggeration, you should meet my boss he is a prime example, accountancy definately is one of the most boring professions in the world.

Anyway the thing that really pisses me off is going for job interviews for accounting roles. I met a recruitment consultant today and I just had to literally bullshit so I got fed up and thought fuck it why don’t I just be honest as he’s only the consultant and not the actual person who’l be employing me.

His questions were:-
What do you enjoy about your job?: I decided to be frank with him and told him I hated my job and didn’t enjoy anything about it and found the number crunching boring.
Then he asks, what motivates me, so I tell him, the money which is the real honest reason (but obviously the wrong reason in an interview), he then asks why I became an accountant, so I tell him for the money and the prestige, the guy didn’t look too pleased and said he wasn’t sure if he could send me on any interviews. I told him I was just being frank with him as he was just the consultant and I obviously wouldn’t give those answers in a real interview. Over the last few years I’ve been studying 100% of my colleagues at college (who all had full time accounting jobs) said they hated the work and were only in it for the money.

The other questions that really piss me off are, what are you strenths and weaknesses, everyone seems to come out with the same bullshit answers, like being a perfectionist is their biggest weakness, they only tell the interviewer what they want to hear, my real biggest weakness is getting out of bed early in the mornings.

I just hate all the bullshittyness with interviews, why can’t people just be frank and honest and ask relevant questions to see if the person has the relevat skills and competences to do the job they are being interviewed for??
Anyone else feel the same way or am I the only one??

If you look at it from the perspective of the guy hiring you, he might not be thrilled by your approach to work. If you hate the job and are in it only for the money, he might expect that you’ll do the strict minimum you can get away with and just live for the weekends and the next paycheck.

You should also ask yourself if that’s how you want to spend a large part of the rest of your life. I’ve had shitty jobs in the past, but I knew they were only temporary until I could finish school and get a job doing something I loved. Even so, there are times at work when I’d give plenty to just get the fuck outta there ASAP… I can’t imagine what it’d be like if I hated it from the start.

Being bored 40 hours a week is a crappy way to go thru life.