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Interviews with Russian Bodybuilder Mikhail Konov

With Mishka Konov introduced me to one of my friends bodybuilder. Meet â?? he said â?? maybe it’s a future champion â?? and a friendly smile … In

appearance it is a good cut athlete, rather bold, but not massive. Perhaps that is why he failed at the first competitionâ?¦ In appearance Mischa looks clearly to the category of 90 kg, not more. Imagine my surprise when his competitive weight was 95 kg!!

He was very hard to compete at the Spring Championships Moscow 2000 in the category of 90kg + such monsters as Golubochkin, Barinov and others … The result is lousy â?? the last, 8 th place. Well, the first time â?? this is the first timeâ?¦ Will not be judged severely, but rather let’s talk with Michael. Indeed, the mere participation in Moscow â?? the prestige. This is not the Olympia, but this is our, dear, native championship. We will immediately ask about the most interesting of anabolic steroids( you know, dear reader, that at the competitive level, all athletes take steroids). Without steroids Misha trained for 4 years and started to take steroids in 1996!



Was this put into a Russian to English translator?

Haha. I read it twice and still am more than slightly confused.

" Sustanon strong drug, but the weight gain from it is not quite the quality …"


This link is garbage and useless.

Many lols were had in the reading of this post