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He did a very funny talk about meeting Prince, and how weird that was. It was long, and I may not have even finished it, but it had me crying with laughter at points.


I love it when this happens. I love seeing people’s eyes go all unfocused while they look at the shit inside their heads and start reporting it. I worked with a doctor who’d do it occasionally, and am currently working with a guy who does open source development stuff and will go into that zone when he starts really thinking during a conversation.

I totally get what you mean - it’s a privilege to get to watch someone process their thoughts at that level.


I liked this podcast and his openness, found it interesting when he talked about t levels as he approached a BB comp. As a none BBer this was all news to me


Is that not a thing?

Yep, but weird that the both guys who drank the sugar-free kool-aid were convinced Norton still wasn’t qualified to talk about it. Dagostino said it took him “3-4 months” to feel right on it and counteract reduced performance in the gym. Pretty sure that’s more about him and his approach, not the actual diet.

The whole podcast was interesting, but frustrating to listen to:
“You have to adjust nutrition for the individual because lots of different diets can work.”

“But… keto.”
[repeat for 3 hours]


Yes! Did you get to the camel story/anecdote? Smith’s stuff about Bruce Willis is eye-opening too, and hard not to believe.


Meh,… I got half way through it so far and lost interest (instead switching over to “10 things you didn’t know about Highlander!”)

You have to take what anyone who stands to make their living in the industry related to the topic being discussed says with some amount of salt.



Sorry did not know there were responses.

As, to the question,I do not believe so. Have not seen any credible evidence.Adaptive thermogenesis or metabolic downregulation /adaptation exists but metabolic damage does not.

Metabolism recovers quite swiftly after a diet with the caveat of adding in kcals reasonably (not binging). People who claim they are on very low kcals and still can’t lose fat are either misreporting intake and/or still eating too much.

Pretty sure most are also familiar with the Minnesota starvation study.