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Lol, that’s was pretty good.

Theo “Did you ever want to be a POW?”
Jocko “Nah…”



buddy of mine turned me onto his podcast … dude’s intense


new article



Have you seen the short clip “good”?

This gets me every time.


I have seen some good clips but, can not get into the podcasts themselves. It seems all he does is read from a damn book for 2 hrs with the occasional commentary. I can read, I have audio books.


He does spend a good bit of time reading from various books. I can see how that would be off-putting. I personally like it. Especially when he has the author there in the interview (like Stann & Meyers) to give additional details. He didn’t do that with Tim Kennedy or Jordan Peterson.


My brother told me about this interview, fuuuuuuck


A lot of Kevin Smith’s non-comic book stuff, either in interviews or on his own, is solid. Really great speaker.



He finally made it happen:


I was going to post this.

Props to Joe Rogan. I really enjoy his podcast. He has had so many impressive guests on before but this by far takes the cake. Elon Musk. Insane! Rogan even busted out the collared shirt haha.

He even sparked up and shared a blunt with Musk. Its not my thing but to be able to say you toked up with Musk haha.

In regards the content. I love how Musk puts things into perspective. Like the notion that this usage of fossil fuel is the dumbest experiment in human history or that petrol cars are subsidized by the environment, the atmosphere, ocean etc.

His foresight to develop Neural link in anticipation of AI development is really interesting. Who else is doing that. I particularly enjoyed the premise that we are all cyborgs already but these meat stick fingers of ours really inhibit are bandwidth capabilities.

I’ve never seen Musk in such an informal setting before. One thing I was surprised were his mannerisms. Very reminiscent of someone on the autism spectrum. Which would not be entirely surprising.


After hearing him laugh a few times, along with long pauses, made me think this as well.


A picture of Musk taking a drag on that joint ended up on the front page of the WSJ.


I like to picture the board members of Tesla’s jaws dropping right when he hit it.

I can’t even imagine the market reaction if the CEO of my company smoked pot on a podcast (which would be a direct violation of company policy, despite the legality in CA).


More from Rogan.

Layne Norton discussing the problem with exclusive belief in dietary “-isms” with two guys who primarily advocate low-carb/keto diets.

Elsewhere in the podcast, they both said Norton couldn’t fairly talk about his own keto experience because he “only” followed it for 8 weeks. Yeesh.


I liked it until Layne started going on about “metabolic damage”…BS.


Right! I was very curious about that as well. He seems as someone not quite at home with himself but with a brilliant mind. His contemplation fascinated me as much as his actual words. As if he was withdrawing from a database rather than thinking. That should not be taken as derogatory if one is tempted to. It’s one hell of a database.
I always find people who peer into their skulls while rattling off facts, kind of interesting. As if they are physically searching for the data in real-time.


The human body fat adapts in 2-3 days on average.