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Interview with Rogue Vampire


What First got you into weight training?

Being that I was extremely thin while growing up, and pretty much bullied all through school, I became determined to first learn how to fight, and then to get bigger.  When I graduated high school, i was 130lbs.  Back then, i was really into bruce lee and wanted to look just like him.  But, when sparring with bigger guys, I was tired of being out muscled, so I finally heeded my instructors advice of gainging a few lbs.  Thats how it started.

What type of training do you do now, compared to how you trained when you first started?

When I first started, i trained everybody part, every day.  doing 25 sets per bodypart. I was so determined to get bigger, i was willing to do anything.  Obviously that type of training didn't work.  It wasn't until i started cutting back on the volume and frequency did i finally start to see results.  I have literally tried every type of training there is.  Right now, I'm doing a modified version of DC training.

Meaning, while I use some of the concepts of dc, I don't do the program 100%. I train each bodypart by itself in each workout. and arms together. I think the rest pause style of dc works great. But sometimes i just do 1 set without the rest pause and sometimes, i throw in an extra set of a different exercise along with the rest pause sets. I lost track of what really gets you results. thats progression. My goal now is to get as strong as possible on a few select exercises for each bodypart. While keeping the reps in the right range.

What does your diet consist of?

 My diet for a long long time now has been extremely boring.  I have been guilty of just doing tons of protein shakes or meal replacements all day long, with just 1 solid meal per day.  I've recently started adding in hard boiled eggs in place of a couple of protein shakes.  and for some reason, im noticing, I'm getting bigger and stronger.  So, i m trying to add in more solid food to my diet.  That one meal is usually high in carbs, like pasta.  since that is really my only high carb meal.

What are you goals now?

 My goals are now to still get bigger and stronger, but to get a bit leaner as well.  Its hard to stop wanting to get bigger, its like a drug, an addiction thats very hard to break.

What are your thoughts on people in this site, thinking your a troll?

 Well, Im not sure who they think that pic is. if its not me. lol.  People at my gym in billerica, (one of the owners) even asked me, why did someone post a pic of you on their website asking if anyone knows me.  I told him, cause many on this website don't think thats my pic.  he just laughed.

People always say, why not just post another pic to prove thats you. well, my answer is, the pic is coming. if not for anything else, just to prove thats me in the pic. I know i will still get flamed for being this or that. but at least, they will know, that is me and im not a trol.

How Did You Get Your Arms Bigger?

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brb adding hard boiled eggs to get bigger and stronger


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