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Interview with Dr. Serrano

So when are yall gonna start bashing Dr. Eric Serrano for his recommendations with fats?

Why? What did he say that you thought we would bash him for? Nothing seemed out of the ordinary to me. He stated that fats such as olive oil, cheese, and red meat are great sources to raise T-levels. No big surprise there. But I highly doubt that he recommends that these be a STAPLE of someones’s diet as you propose at times.


I’ve abstained from contributing on any of your threads, as I’ve committed myself to avoiding forum squabbles. Ask anyone on the forum, and they’ll tell you what kind of person I am. However, I’ll be damned if I’m going to listen to you try to put a spin on the words of one of the most intelligent, experienced men in the industry today.

First off, galactose sucks, and so does skim milk. I don’t believe that anyone every argued that with you. By default, that makes higher fat milk a better choice in the opinion of many. Personally, I avoid both.

Second, take note of how many times Serrano notes the value of monounsaturated fats and fish oils. Now, go review your old posts. Telling someone to have a pot roast soaked in butter does not put you in the same line of thought (or intellectual class, for that matter) as Dr. Serrano.

Third, Dr. Serrano has a PhD. He’s been involved in countless studies. He’s spoken at hundreds of conferences and written hundreds of articles. He has helped thousands of clients become healthier and more fit. You, on the other hand, are a teenager that has NOT PRESENTED A SINGLE RESPECTED STUDY in over 500 posts on this forum. Weston A. Price’s website, which is for the most part a propagandist initiative, does not cut it.

I think that your enthusiasm is great, and I encourage you to keep reading (try checking out PubMed, though). With all due respect, though, don’t insult the intelligence of the people on this forum.

Not to be picky, but Dr. Serrano is an MD, not a PhD.

Thank you, Eric.

It was a fucking joke.


for some reason the word “big grin” didn’t show up in my post.

Dude, it’s your own fault from previous posts and your views on fats.

Man, I can’t believe I forgot the PhD. He’s in the Strong Research Group; all those guys are PhDs, so I must have made that error subconsciously. Funny how he’s the only one of the bunch writing prescriptions…

Yes, thanks Eric… you just saved me from a lot of typing. :slight_smile:

Usually when I read NeilG’s comments I just shake my head and scroll past it really fast and try to pretend I never saw it.

This comment though was really out of line.

Well typed Eric…

May I point something out:

You can find any opinion (on any topic, ever) backed up by someone with a PhD. That in itself means extremely little.

All we hear is people quoting the W.A.P website and others saying the site sucks. That’s not getting anybody anywhere. If the site sucks…tell us why!

In any case, would most people here agree that while butter/animal fat isn’t bad for you…it also isn’t necessary to consume it excessively? That seems like an intelligent compromise. Thoughts?


On the topic of eggs in Dr. Serrano’s interview:

Dr. Serrano states:
“Eggs are one of the most allergenic foods you could eat…Eating raw eggs provides intact proteins which is more allergenic. Boiling is a step in the right direction, but scramble your eggs as much as possible.”

Yet Dr. Mercola states at http://www.mercola.com/2002/nov/13/eggs.htm:
“Eggs generally are one of the most allergic foods that are eaten, but I believe this is because they are cooked. If one consumes the eggs in their raw state the incidence of egg allergy virtually disappears. Heating the egg protein actually changes its chemical shape, and the distortion can easily lead to allergies.”
Also, Mercola states in an interview on t-mag that scrambling eggs is one of the worst things you can do.

I’m glad you both of them agree that eggs are one of the most allergenic foods.

So help me out here, which is more allergenic, raw or cooked eggs?

For a while Dr. Serrano has recommended supplementing with tons of olive oil on a bulking diet. He has never recommended consuming high saturated fats (or Omega-6s) relative to total fat intake.

Truthfully, I don’t trust what Dr. Serrano says much… He gets too carried away with his current hunches, and then you have to wait a couple years before his new articles show that he’s backtracked. I don’t think he’s an idiot or a dishonest guy, I just think his headstrong exuberance and hyperbole often get the better of him. I hope his recommendations to critically ill patients have more lasting worth than his recommendations to bodybuilders.


You wrote, “All we hear is people quoting the W.A.P website and others saying the site sucks. That’s not getting anybody anywhere. If the site sucks…tell us why!”

How soon we forget! How many posts did you have on the “Butter and Mayo” thread? To refresh your memory, Cass’ essentially opened a can of whoop ass on Neil and his propagandist friends for completely unethical manipulation and reporting of research to the ordinary public. WAP misspelled researchers names, applied infant data to recommendations for healthy adults, and failed to differentiate between two kinds of hexane (one dangerous, one harmless).

Does this piss me off? Damn right! I spent an hour yesterday at a research planning meeting here at UConn for an upcoming study on chromium as it relates to post-exercise glycogen resynthesis. In that room, three brilliant professors/PhDs, four PhD candidates, and three Master’s students went back and forth trying to figure out a cycling protocol that was optimal for the SPECIFIC NEEDS OF THIS STUDY. Meanwhile, we’re planning to control the diets of 16 individuals, each of whom have four muscle biopsies and six blood draws in the course of 24 hours. In short, research is not as simple as WAP and Neil seem to think.

I encourage you to pick up a copy of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Think about what goes into each one of those studies: thousands of dollars, thousands of hours of labor, countless resources, and hundreds of dedicated subjects. The end result of research is obviously a conclusion. How would you feel if you had done several months of research only to have some propagandist distort that very conclusion? And, wouldn’t it upset you just a little bit if someone like Neil with no formal education or concept of the research process took this second-hand information, hopped on his soapbox, and started raising hell with it? The fact of the matter is that it isn’t fair to the researchers, the general public, the subjects, or the ones funding the study.

As for misspelling researchers’ names, that’s the mark of someone who isn’t researching for his writing carefully. If you’re citing an electronic source, it is as simple as copying and pasting the citation information from the top of the article. I’m more than willing to bet that the kind of person that misspells names is also the kind of person that will knowingly distort the facts to achieve a desired effect. All that I can say is that if I bust my balls on a study and someone decides to spell my last name “Kressy” so that they can say that Fruit Loops cure cancer, I won’t be pleased.

When we talk about consuming lots of fat, how much are we talking.

I realize it’s invidual, but I’m looking for a guide. I eat very low carbs for the most part but sometimes feel I eat to much fat.

Should I aim for my BW in fat grams?
230-240 right now. Trying to get leaner.


Dr.Serraro talks about melatonin, I know u can supp. with melatonin and Velarian root to help with sleep, and I know supp. with melatonin will reduce the bodies abillity to produce it, But does the same thing happen with Velarian Root?


I’m not going to get into this much. I’m gonna say a couple things and then forget about it. I don’t even know why I’m saying anything in the first place, cause I really don’t give a shit about what you guys do anymore.

You act like all research where people are dedicated or whatever is legit. They spend thousands of dollars to get a conclusion. So fucking what? That doesn’t mean shit. Do you know how many dumbass studies there are that cost a lot of money and there were dedicated people in the study?

No, WAP isn’t perfect. Nothing is, so shut the fuck up.

Yeah, Cass opened a huge can of whoop ass on me. The fact is she’s sill recommending an oil that goes RANCID and needs to be DEODORIZED. I don’t give a godamn rat’s fucking ass what studies you give me - a rancid oil that needs deodorized is NOT good for you.

Wow, Cressey…

Cressey - 2
Neil - 8