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Interview with Dorian Yates



Great Interview. So much common sense.


The guy not only busted his ass, but took a rational, logical and analytical approach to his training. A T-Man through and through.



Thanks for posting it, always love his interviews. Very factual, to the point, and drama free.



In this pic, you actually remind me of Yates at the start of his routines. You look fricking amazing.

EDIT: Pic didn't attach the first time.


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Great find, thanks!


Good interview!


Yates is O K in my book.

He's actually one of my favs. His advice is always bullshit free.


Great interview.

I'm surprised he actually talked a bit about gear use.


yeah, I didn't notice the date of the piece, but the guy conducting it just asks point blank about GH use.... and Yates answers completely unphased. How many pro's would be too worried about losing their endorsements.



"Before I go to the gym I would review the last workout, the weight, reps, and visualize what I wanted to do that day, to the point of wearing certain clothes on certain days just to get myself in the right frame of mind"

lol i do the same shit. i always wear the same shirt on days i Deadlift


"lol i do the same shit. i always wear the same shirt on days i Deadlift "

Such a postive, glass is half full way of dealing with only owning one shirt. j/k



That was good HA



Actually met the man last weekend at the NY Pro. I look like a total goon (Corey was quick to point of my goofy grin), but admitedly it was the coolest experience. I still have the issues of Flex magazine that covered every Olympia he won (that's when I 1st got into lifting, and he was 'the man')



I remember that old side-tri avatar of yours, and I thought you looked a lot like yates (ok, smaller of course, but you get what I mean).

Now in that pic, really. You could be his brother or something :slight_smile:

(hey, if you get on gear, maybe you'll win the olympia, too ? ;D)


That's a genuinely cool pic. Heck, even Dorian seems to be enjoying it!


Yates is a REALLY cool guy.

Ever come to England go to his Temple Gym his spotter from Blood and Guts runs the place for him.

Also a very cool dude, though with a very short fuse



Yates is the fuckin man. Huge fan.
His training is the definition of intense.