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Interview W/ L. Ron Hubbard Jr.


Thought some might find this as perversely fascinating as I did. By Hubbard Jr.'s logic it really does make sense that idiots like Tom Cruise join up with a cult. Assholes!!



You can spend days and days reading about scientology at Operation Clambake:


It gets more bizarre by the minute.


Really makes the show Southpark make a lot more sense. The Christmas episode where stan helped the little animals kill the momma Lion... and the devil thing had to find a virgin jew (kyle) and the little lions learned to give abortions....


so yeah, southpark, scientology, don't mix.


If I'm not mistaken (i didn't visit the links), hasnt L. Ron Hubbard publically admitted to writing this religion as a sci-fi story to make money off of suckers???


Yeah basically, and when people question the "religion" or try to expose scientology as a cult/pyramid scheme, scientology sends in high powered lawyers, frivolous lawsuits and private investigators to dig up dirt on the naysayer. Anyone idiotic enough to fall for this scam pretty much deserves to lose their money in my opinion. They should advertise for it on late night TV. It belongs with that guy advertising the "Greatest Vitamine in the World"!!


Don't you remember all those commercials for Dianetics that used to constantly be on TV?


In Sydney, they bought this office space on the main street in the main part of the street right across the road from the movies. And they put up a volcano. And it spewed lava-lights. And on top, a huge video screen showing scientology trite. All the time. It was really annoying.

So some guys snuck in and replaced their tape with hardcore porn video. That was a laugh.

See, hc porn video can teach a person more about life and happiness than their money grabbin' scam nonsense.

I believe the volcano represents the volcano in ancient times where all the daemons souls were trapped before they turned into humans and that is the cause of all our problems. No mention of the spaghetti monster though.


Flying Spaghetti Monster is the only true diety. All hail his noodly appendage! In all seriousness though, if even half of that crap is true in that first link, then Scientology needs to be destroyed immediately. L. Ron seems like the most horrible human to have walked the Earth.


I never even thought of that. Good call.


Diety? lol was that an intentional pun?


I kind of have a hard time believing a lot of stuff in that first link. I mean, satanism and selling secrets to the soviets - and thats just the first three quarters of the article, i havent even finished it. Dont know if i will either. Is it easier to believe all this stuff that his estranged son, who possibly has an ax to grind, is saying, or is it easier to believe that he was just some money-hungry huckster?


To cut to the chase, I can assure you that the tenets of Scientology are rooted in so called "magic" and the "occult". Calling it Black Magic is a bit over the top because it implies evil but most magical practice and "occult" beliefs put forth the idea that all of us are gods with god like power. Those occultist that claim to have mastered their bodies in certain respects feel as though they are tapping into these powers.

Dianetics itself has common themes with occult practice but has just made it a palatable practice to the masses - you couldn't market the "occult" to the masses, but package it as something else and its almost acceptable.

Read any treatise on occult practice and you'll see the similiarities.


""To cut to the chase, I can assure you that the tenets of Scientology are rooted in so called "magic" and the "occult".""

Yup. Interestingly, at it's core 'satanism' is no more than self-worship. The main differences between satanism and your everyday run-of-the-mill narcissism are the delusions of grandeur (i.e. about being a god) and the ritualization of those delusions.


No, that was before he actually started everything. It shows that he pretty much planned everything beforehand.


Wait, Scientologists really believe there was some Xenu alien infected us all? I havent read up on it at all and my only contact with it is the South Park bashing of it.


Well, I wouldn't go so far as to call it delusions of grandeur - there are estoteric religious texts and interpretations of dogmatic texts that do support that you are God. In fact, Islamic offshoots (5%) teach that very concept. Satanism and black magic pretty much take that concept and then remove the moral restrictions.

There is a saying in occult circles that the only difference between white (good) and black (bad) magic is the results or intention of the magician.

However, I would not dismiss any of this as delusions; Without hijacking this thread too much I'll leave you with something to consider: Think of the placebo effect in the context of the foregoing discussion. Now consider someone that dedicates considerable practice and time influencing his thoughts and body and you will begin to appreciate our untapped powers. The mind is far more powerful than many of us realize.

As to aliens, that is Hubbard's science fiction background - but the foundation of his story - willing ourselves to existence, etc., very much has its roots in the occult. He was, without a doubt, an occultist.


That the individual is thought is an obvious perception. Therefore, the statement "I am God (a god)" is totally delusional.


The placebo effect demonstrates a deficiency, not a strength. I have no doubt that someone who spends considerable time and effort thinking about stuff like dianetics will become completely deluded, but that's just commonplace human weakness, hardly godlike.


Scary... just scary.


You're putting it into a context of your own perception; most occultist do not believe in a anthropomorphic or even singular "god" as you would define it. Apples and oranges - hence the absence of delusion as you perceive it.