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Interview Dress Code


So I haven't really ever had a Job interview because I have just been working at the family business, a restaurant.

I got my first interview for a Job at my College and its for a low level IT position and I was wondering if its okay to were Khakis and a Polo shirt? Im thinking wearing a full on suit isn't ideal also I don't even have one lol.


A job like that wouldn't necessarily have high expectations for dress, but you can stick with a business casual outfit. I would go with khaki's, a buttondown (no tie), a belt, and decent shoes. You could probably roll the sleeves up on the buttondown if you want. A suit would be too much but a buttondown (without tie) would not.


dress pants, dress shit, tie, shined shoes.

Suit is overkill for an IT job, if you already attend that college. Polo and khakis is never ok imho.


slacks and a button down. for christ's sake make sure your dont mismatch your belt and your shoes.


A suit can NEVER hurt when going to be interviewed.

I don't give a fuck if it's McDonalds.

Bass's suggestion is the next best possible option.


I dunno. Maybe I'm a little old school, but I would wear a suit. You never know who is going to interview you and with a suit, you will always make a good impression. Far better to overdress than to under dress.

You can always take the jacket off, loosen the tie and roll up the shirt sleeves...

I'm going to out on a limb here by using the "should" word, but IMHO EVERY man should own a suit... Just sayin'.

Good luck on the interview!


I would wear a suit. You dont have to go out and buy a Hugo Boss,just rent one. Id go for a grey suit. Black suits are for funerals and so are black shoes.


"Old school"? No.

It should be written in stone as an 11th commandment.

People don't understand the importance of such details until they're the ones doing the interviews. It's the little things that can absolutely make the difference in the hiring process.


Suit if you have one, but if you don't, khaki pants and a button down shirt tucked in, with a leather belt and shoes is enough. The suit can never hurt; you will never get an interviewer who will get angry that you overdressed for the interview, and you may well get a traditionalist who expects a suit and tie.

I would suggest getting a suit for college anyway. Hiring fairs and internship fairs come up pretty regularly at my school, and in no way am I wearing less than a suit when interviewing for my future career.


I have always felt the same way until I was told I didnt get a job for overdressing, I know what the fuck is that garbage but it happened. Granted, I am sure I have less experience in getting interviewed that you or AC, but thats just my experience.


I work at a software company. I interview often.

Wear a suit.

Minimum: Nice shoes, Khakis, dress shirt, navy blazer, and fucking tie (this is the most basic casual dress combo you should be able to wear anywhere-- interviews, weddings, funerals, happy hour, clients, etc.)

I don't care how low level IT it is, if you aren't responsible enough to handle a jacket and tie, you aren't responsible enough to handle my servers. Maybe it's just 'details', but "I.T." is about "details".

I worked for a company that wouldn't even interview you if you didn't show up in a suit.


"Dress for the job you want"


Suit up, Dress to impress.


No one will ever be angry that you overdressed for an interview, but they will definitely let you know if you do. I've been told at the end of 2 seperate interviews that I've overdressed.

The first was a sales job, I wore a 3 piece suit and a $800 knee length pea coat. The second was for a bean counter position at a biotech. I wore a suit, and they said that they almost didn't hire me because I wore a suit and it clashed with the whole "biotech culture".

But still got offers for both, and accepted the biotech job.


I'm an IT manager and one of my responsibilities is interviewing people. Most of them wear a suit. At the very least wear dress pants and button up shirt. Khakis and a polo is too casual even for an entry level IT job.

I personally don't care whether someone wears a suit or not but the managers above me do. The good interviewees move on to meet with them so overall it matters. My interviews have been in NJ and NYC so it might be more casual in other parts of the US.

FWIW, I always wear suit on interviews.


Suit is overkill? Lol. No.

Doesn't matter what the job is...when interviewing you want to look your absolute best. Its not a wedding so don't wear a tux. Thats about it as far as ''over dressing" goes.

True story though: The job I have now...which is a suit and tie job...I aced the second interview in Jordans. Air Jordans.

I was running late and couldn't find my fucking shoes for the life of me. Suit, tie, Air Jordans. Win.


I've heard a bunch of times that the general rule of thumb is to dress at least once step above what you will be wearing every day once you get the job. If an employer is going to expect straight casual (not many do though) then I guess you can get away with a polo, but generally I think you should wear a button up and slacks at the very least formal. In most situations it'll be just a straight up suit and tie though.


I HAVE to know then, wtf is the "biotech culture"?

Uscpoole: If you were turned down for being "overdressed", then that's pretty sad.


WAA this thread is disappointing I was hoping people would say Polo is fine for a low level Entry Job. Guess Ill get shirt tomorrow pewp.

Also are black shoes not good for job interviews? Totekopf is saying he doesn't were them for it cause there for funerals.


Black shoes are fine, of course.

As long as they're clean and polished.