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Intervention, The T Nation Edition


I really don’t see the problem with me giving advice. I’m not the biggest or strongest guy, but I have a nice physique, and I make it clear all my bodybuilding based advice is MY OPINION And I am not a professional or expert.

When it comes to AAS, I know for a fact my advice is not questionable and there is absolutely no reason to be questioning any of this kind of advice I have given.

I have made a lot of mistakes with AAS when I was younger that I have learned from, and I am helping a LOT of people, stopping them from making silly mistakes, and offering advice about basic cycles.

I’m trying to make sure

A) people use reasonable doses to meet there goals

B) that they are reasonable bf (below 12%), preferably below 10% to start a cycle.

C) that they are not over using AI’s potentially killing there gains and causing them to increase dosage due to lack of results, not to mention the fact some of these AI’s are more damaging to health than the steroids.

D) just making sure in general that anyone over 19 gets sensible advice on a basic cycle. IT’s crazy how many of these posts get no replies because the guy isn’t in the perfect position to start a cycle.
Sure I advocate being low bf and having reached potential before cycling, but in reality we CAN NOT stop people from using juice, so we might as well educate them because if we don’t they will be using it unsafely.

I do not see how my lifts make my advice “poor”. I admit my bodybuilding advice is a matter of opinion, but lots of people have seen success using the methods I Do, and I don’t claim to be an expert. My AAS advice really is not questionable, in any way shape or form.

You can dig up my personal history to insult me if you’d like, but its pretty immature to go there. I mean if you want to insult my advice, then criticize the advice, NOT my past. I admit I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but those are mistakes I have owned and paid the price for. I’ve learned from them and moved on.

Dearie me. Another bloody troll. This place is choc a bloc with them.

One that writes long as fuck posts as well. Each to their own I suppose.


I meant the fact that I have an unsavoury history does not reflect my knowledge of AAS.

This thread is not going to become a shit show, because I am not going to respond to it anymore, and am going to make it so it does not I don’t get notifications from it ( I think I Can do that).

I’m not going to get goaded into sinking to someone elses level and get into an internet showdown. This kind of thing is immature, to say the least.

IF you don’t like some of my advice, comment in the thread I posted it in and outline the parts you don’t like. IF you were actually here to help people, this is what you would be doing, not making a thread to insult me. IF you genuinely think something I have said is bad advice, by all means, go to the thread and reply to the post and inform the person of a better option. IF you are correct I will have no problem admitting it, this is not an EGO thing for me, but a learning experience where I can benefit from others knowledge and they can benefit from mine.

So post away, dig up facts about my life, etc. I will not be posting any more in this thread.

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Can see this thread getting out of hand in a hurry

Shitpost extraordinaire:

I dunno if the way I linked them is correct, but decide for yourself. I know already that I’m not the most helpful or knowledgeable poster, and certainly won’t be giving any advice to contest winning body builders, but shitposts?

Not likely.


You are a compulsive liar. I feel no need to participate in this thread since you are the kind of person who will eventually hang himself when given enough rope.

Don’t you give me a reason to with another lie about our exchanges that you cannot back up. And you and I BOTH know I can back up what I write. I will let this one slide.

This I cannot let slide.

You have been openly posting about your alleged past without anyone asking in 3 sections of this forum including the GAL section in multiple posts for no apparent reason and where there was completely no relevance to the topic.

I have no idea why one would do that without the intention of illiciting a desired response.

Now you are playing the victim when doing that has not illicited the response you were looking for.

And to set the record straight, I QUESTIONED the truth of your past since you POSTED YOUR REAL NAME AND AN ADDRESS ON A PUBLIC FORUM without hesitation when you were offered a free phone.

Stop playing the bloody victim. It’s unbecoming.


I think the new guy’s full of shit and kinda annoying too, but I don’t think a thread dedicated to that is necessary. No need to gang up on him


He called me out above. I responded. You can look at the other thread in the steroid forum and see how much I’ve held back here. Unfortunately, people playing the victim really gets to me so please forgive my last post.

That makes me sad Yogi, I really enjoy a lot of your posts!

I think if you read a lot of the advice I’ve given out in the AAS section you’ll see my advice is quite well intentioned, informative, relative, and helpful! I’ve helped a lot of people with there cycles.

My bodybuilding advice, as I ALWAYS state in the post, is my opinions. I always mention that I am not an expert, and that my thoughts are just my way of thinking.

I have no delusions that I am some trainer or professional, and I try to be respectful and help people out while exchanging my knowledge for the knowledge of others.

I regret how much of my past I Shared earlier on, but it’s not how he is describing it “for no reason”. People asked questions, and in the interest of getting to know people here and being honest so people could actually understand where I was coming from and my situation, I naively thought everyone would be mature about things!

For the most part, most people here have been great! I’ve learned a lot from guys like Stu, Rob, etc and have passed on a lot my of AAS knowledge and bodybuilding opinions to people who wanted/needed them.

It doesn’t bother me that people like this guy post toxically like this, there are always going to be people who are just looking to hate and argue.

I appreciate your candor in your post, and you are entitled to your opinions! I urge you to read some of my posts that haven’t yet been tainted by the two guys who attack me on a lot of my threads. I admit to having been brought to a level I
am not proud of a couple of times, and I’m ashamed of that.

When it comes down to it though, I am here out of a passion for the sport, a thirst for knowledge, and a desire to help other people reach there goals, the same way some people have helped me! I think if you read more of my posts you will see this. You are someone who I would enjoy discussing opinions with in the future!

Sorry for the long post brother

Agreed. Is this a call-out thread or a confession thread where the rest of us don’t have to hold back judgement?

If it’s the former, that seems kind of petty. The latter could be interesting in a fun way.

My go-to recovery drink is Caribou Coffee’s Sea Salt Caramel Iced Coffee and I believe it’s far superior to any recovery drink on the market right now.



Twice now we have agreed to disagree, only to have you attack another one of my posts the next day.

I have never instigated an argument with you! You constantly edit your posts to change the course of the conversation and how it reads to others. This is really getting old.

Can we, for the THIRD time (for real this time), agree to disagree? These toxic conversations benefit nobody.

I would also really appreciate your contribution in my thread “SB’s journey to 8%”.

IF you can find the time and desire to post there, that would be very cool. Thee is some really good info so far from some of the vets on this board, and I am always open to opinions on what I Am doing and my protocols, methods, and routines.


You are not displaying a tendency for truth telling with statements like this.


I’ll be honest, I haven’t read much of what you’ve posted because your antics in that first thread kind of put me off.

Thing is, if your stats are legit then you definitely have knowledge worth passing on.

I’m not trying to discourage you from posting, but I’d like to see you chill a bit. We can all let bygones be bygones (hence the reason I’m against this thread even existing) and just get on with all learning from each other.

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I realize that, however once yogi posted I saw an opportunity to talk to someone I have been meaning to talk to.

My next post to him will be my last in this thread, pinky promise :wink:

I’ll definitely check it out, man. I’m nowhere near the level of guys like Brick or Rob but I’m a big believer in we can all learn something from everyone

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I really do regret how I handled things in the first thread. Sometimes I get really defensive etc, and I got really over excited when I first joined this forum with wanting to get conversations going and make myself known etc.

So I totally don’t blame you for that opinion.

I really appreciate your willingness to check it out, you are very welcome there! Thanks for being mature about this and allowing me to move on from past mistakes and arguments! Some times people don’t come off as they intended, but I do have a real thirst for knowledge, dedication to the sport, and feel that at the least I have some interesting opinions to offer!
I really appreciate your attitude man! I’m off to the gym, hope to talk to you later!

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not supposed to drink caffeine after a workout, Pangloss!