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Intervals After Resistance Workouts

This doesn’t have to do with nutrition, but I don’t know where to post it; it doesn’t have to do with strength; I also can’t post it in the bodybuilding section because some of my buddies and foes there are all mad at me now because I’m no longer gunnin’ “fa tree-hunnit poundz”.

I actually went on a general fitness kick for sometime, as many of you know, performing a TBT workout three times per week. However, after buying Maximum Strength by Eric Cressey, the strength bug got to me again and I actually plan on getting strong as hell again.

When following a Westside routine for nearly a year, my poundages soared and I gained more mass than I ever had in that time. With the information in the book and the G-Flux articles by Berardi, I’ve designed a new Westside type of program incorporating energy workouts and more prehabilatative exercise: intervals, a circuit once per week, and exercises like YTWLs, scarecrows, bridge variations, more single-leg exercises, and external rotation variations.

I DON’T want to visit the gym or exercise more than 5 days per week; so I’m considering doing my interval session after my weekly circuit or after one of my weight workouts.

Where do you guys usually place your interval sessions?

Again, I didn’t know where to post this. I actually have some nice online friends from this nutrition forum ever since creating the RFL thread. I’ve now gained some mass that I lost from doing TBT and general fitness stuff and following RFL.

But I’m actually at an old weight, 230 pounds, with a BETTER body composition and feel great; I’m more flexible and leaner and lighter on my feet, none of which have anything to do with…

gunnin’ fa tree-hunnit poundz…


gunnin’ fo’ a fie- or faw-hunnit pound bench!

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Back when conditioning for martial arts was my main focus, I used to have to do my intervals before my resistance training or I simply wouldn’t have the energy to properly attack my intervals. But if you can muster the gumption to HIIT-it, after weights, then more power to you.

These days I have to do interval on a seperate afternoon to weights, or I shrink, simple as that. Even with the AAS.


Resistance training AFTER HIIT?!
haha I can barely walk in a straight line after a HIIT session, let alone think about lifting!

I’ve had a few clients do HIIT after weights simply because they didn’t want to drive to the gym for only 15 mins of activity. And would do their longer duration cardio on off days from weights

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I’m in a similar position now I’m ending a fat loss programme and concentrating on hypertrophy. However, I’m conscious of undoing the good work unless I keep the energy levels high.

I came across a recent post by CT on this very topic and have decided to adopt it with this in mind. Basically, you strength/power train 3 times per week and do the metabolic stuff at the conclusion of the workout. He recommended this split, which I’m going to go for myself:

Day 1 - Whole body strength + metabolic work (whole body)
Day 2 - Low intensity auxiliary work (abs, forearms, grip, etc)
Day 3 - Lower body strength + metabolic lower body only
Day 4 - Upper body strength + metabolic upper body only

Monday - Day 1
Tuesday - Day 2
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Day 3
Friday - Off
Saturday - Day 4
Sunday - Off