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interval training without treadmill/bike/running

Does anybody have any suggestions of how to do some form of interval training NOT by running (track or treadmill) or by using a bike. An injury I have excludes me from any form of training that puts undue stress on my foot.

Thanks for the help.

Hmmm. Rower perhaps? Heavy bag training? Wow, you know, I can’t think of anything else right now.


I’m curious about the injury. But swimming could be an alternative (assuming you’re not in a cast). With cycling, if you use actualy cycling shoes, flexion of the foot is not a concern (I was limited to cycling only after a dislocation of the cuboid). Rowers could be a good alternative as well, but mind the foot flexion as well. Bag training could work. Again, what’s the injury all about?

Try using the Elliptical machine. Puts no stress on your joints. A good workout consist of keeping your rpm’s the same (around 70) and every minute bring it up 1 level (ranging from 1 to 20) usally at 18/19 you will be sucking up some serious wind. Make sure you keep the rpm’s the same as you increase the intensity.

Of course swimming would be the most obvious one (if you have access to a pool). Another worth looking into would be using kettlebell type movements (you can of course use a dumbell) in a circuit type fashion with ab work as active rest. Here’s a sample routine I do as very H.I.T. every once in a while. Perform each exercise in succession with no rest.
one arm press LX8
one arm press RX8
clean X 5 L
clean X5 R
snatch X 10 L
snatch X10 R
2 hand overhead press X10
2 hand overhead tricep X10
one arm swing X 10 L
one arm swing X 10 R
2 hand swing X 15
ab work X 1 minute
rest 1:00-3:00 (depending on conditioning)
perform 3 times
of course you can add in other movements and modify it in several different ways. Hopefully this gives you an idea.

Broken 5th metatarsel that is taking eons to heal. I can do weightlifting because I can control the forces on my foot but anything that puts dynamic forces on the foot (eg. running, etc./ sports) is definately out.