Interval Training Vid?

Can someone explain this training to me. BTW those are some serious traps.

This should do it for you

[quote]Stabber wrote:
Can someone explain this training to me. BTW those are some serious traps.


It’s called sarcasm. :slight_smile:

For the average person whose main goal is to lose bodyfat, high intensity cardio/interval training is probably best and the most time-efficient method of training. This is because the total caloric cost of this type of training is much greater and longer-lasting than steady state cardio.

But, for someone whose primary goals are strength and size (especially the more advanced they become), it can negatively affect recovery and detract from their main goals. Powerlifters and other strength athletes are more likely to do better on lower intensity training because it doesn’t affect their recovery and they are more likely to adjust their diets (than the average person) towards their goals if it furthers their progress.

Pre-contest bodybuilders on the other hand are in a state of starvation and have no energy to to perform high intensity cardiovascular work. Additionally, in the very low caloric phase, the chances of losing muscle mass is much greater. However, this is unique for those who are EXTREMELY strict with diet and are willing to commit the large amounts of time necessary to doing the steady-state cardio in order to get the desired result.

Hopefully that clears some things up for you.


That makes since. I have been trowing some cardio in on days I dont lift to lose some extra fat and just overall fitness. My heart rate stays about in the 110 bpm range if I go steady and sometimes I’ll hit it hard for a few minutes at a time and then back off. I dont want to burn muscle since its easier to lose fat than gain muscle.