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Interval Training Plan for Fat Burning


hey fellows

im doing hiit these days again,3 rounds of 1minute sprint and 4minute walk 5 minute warm up 5 minute cool down, what would you say the effectiveness of fat burning of this is how many calories am I burning doing this?


Impossible to tell unless we attach sensors to your body. Your caloric expenditure depends on your bodyweight, your mtabolism and how good you are at the specific activity - generally, the more efficient you are, the less calories you burn.

One warning though - whatever you burn, it will probably be less than you think. You can't fail your diet and 'outrun' it.


You are one BAMF if you can sprint for a minute!




well it gets to light pats around the 50 second mark lol


I'm still impressed...


Well, 400m is considered a sprint and most sub-elite but still moderately quick guys usually run it in about 55s-1m. Not to say it doesn't suck but it's very doable. The last 100m suck hard.