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Interval training for Football


Can anyone recommend a interval training routine using a treadmill for Football?


Whats wrong with the football field?


It's too grassy and un-treadmill-y.


That actually made me laugh.


I dont like the treadmill. You play football on grass, so why wouldnt you run on the grass?

Go to your local field. 7-10 x 100m sprints. Walk back to the starting point between each sprint.
Finish off with 6 x 20m sprints, starting each sprint from lying on your front.



In high school I only ran track during the off season and pretty much half assed it, because all cared about was football. Looking back if you want to be better all around I would have played baseball and every thing i could get my hands on during the offseason just to stay in better shape and learn diffrent skills.

This would be better than running on a treadmill. If you are in season you should be busting ass and giving it your all so you don't want or need to run on a treadmill. It is what you put into it.


Here is a link to a article Joe DeFranco wrote regarding conditioning for football. Search his site for other articles.