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Interval speeds for HIIT?

I want to do a 3-minute warm-up and 12 minutes of HIIT with a 5-minute cool down. I am confused as to what my speed should be for the warm-up, HIIT session, and cool down. I was doing my warm-up and cool down at 6.0mph and alternating at 3.5mph and 9.5mph for HIIT.

After reading several post I noticed that most people do the opposite. They do 4.0mph for warm up and cool down and alternate 6.0mph and 10.0mph for HIIT.

What I was wondering is if my maximum all out sprint is 9.5mph for 30 seconds. What would you set the speeds for the warm-up, cool down, and the HIIT for?

I like the 30 seconds sprints followed by a 1-minute recovery so I will stick with that.

I thought I read somewhere that your recovery should be 40% of your max. Is this true? If it is then what % should be for the warm-up and cool down?

Thanks for your help.

I think you’re thinking way to much about it. The best thing to do is give what you’re suggesting a try. Everyone responds differently. For me an immediate drop to a slow walk of about three mph then drop to two mpg after 30 seconds then drop to 1 mph after 30 seconds works just fine for me. But what works for me may not work for you.

My warm up takes about 1:30 until I get bored and I start HIIT. So everyone is different. Just give different approaches a try.

Like pga has stated find what works for you as far as warm up and cooldown I regulate them by my HR. I keep them around 60%-70% MHR. My recovery speed is usually guesstimated @ about the same speed as my warmup.

Just give it a go.