interval cardio training

what does everyone think about interval cardio, 1 minute High intensity 1 minute Low intensity??? seems to work for fat loss and muscle retention…anyone else?

works great. when im on the bike i will go 30 sec high, 30 low. also, try jumping rope.

Interval Training is great!!! Check out Fox and Mathews book on it or you can check out Covert Bailey’s lastest Fit or Fat book. Both books get guidelines on designing interval training programs.
The formula is DIRT.
D=Distance (How far you run)
I=Intensity (How fast you run)
R=Rest Interval/Intensity (weither you run or walk)
T=Times (How may interval you do or for how long)
Good stuff.

That is the only way I do cardio 95% of the time.

There are various methods of employing HIIT; the point is to have fun, and mix it up. HIIT is by far the best way to go as far as fat loss is concerned.

It does’nt have to be complicated either. My favourite interval workout is to go for a run and alternate jogging and sprinting between lamp posts. I try to sprint at about 80% max. Two miles of this three times per week is quick and very effective.

yeah its definately worked for me like i said and keeps it from getting repetitive