I was in the third week of 10 weeker, and I got some kind of GI infection. Too weak to kick a cat right now. Cycle was 50 dbol ed for 2 more weeks, 75 tren ed, sus 750/wk. Nothing for 5 days. I was already up 13 lbs, lost 4 of those. Should I start clomid and try again later or maybe pick back up with test/tren when possible. Any advice would be appreciated.

I say start the clomid, recover, wait a month or two and then go back on.

If I were you I would just continue juicing right through. Just lay off the dbol, which is hard on the G.I. to begin with. 8 weeks is a helluva long time to go yet and there is no sence in having to refrontload your gear, Another point is sustenon stays in your system for 3+ weeks anyway which will mean you will have to recover your natural test production if you go off right now as is, so why have to do this twice? The gear will make you recover faster from your illness, providing it is not the cause of your problems to begin with e.g. -test flu. If it is well then I wouldn’t recomend using it. I have never gotten sick in this way however so I cannot tell you how to distinguish the difference. P-22

Really depends on how long it will take to recover from your GI deal. What is your expected recovery?

The sust is long acting, but if you’re looking at more than say… two weeks of recovery I’d stop the cycle and start the Clomid.

If you’re almost recovered, keep going, but let your doctor know.

And find someone to kick the damn cat for you.

I would rest for about a month and then start again. You only did a 3 week cycle therefore recovery shouldn’t be very tuff. However that depends on the person. I would use clomid right now just to be sure and safe. Good luck.