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Interupted Cycle - Help


I just completed my 5th week of test e (300mg every tuesday & friday). I was due for a shot this morning but last night by some freak accident i dropped my 2 remaining bottles and shattered them on my kitchen floor. I was pissed as i was intending to run the cycle for 12 weeks.

I called my source. He said he can place the order for 2 new bottles of test e but they wont arrive until next week some time. He also said that he has a bottle of test prop on hand and can give that to me tonight until the test e arrives.

Understanding that test prop is a short ester and that i am 5 weeks into a long ester, with the test e. I am trying to determine what the right protocal would be to keep my test high (but not too high) by taking the test prop in the absence of my test e that is expected to arrive late next week.

I absolutely would hate to have to abandon this cycle. Things are coming along so nicely this time around.

Please assist.


Run Test Prop for a further 5 weeks then PCT.

you will have to forget about the test E at this stage as it is a long ester and once out of your system building it up again won’t be an effective way of doing things.

Use prop at something like 75mg ED or 150mg EOD for example and make it a 10 week cycle in total.


That makes sense, but why shorten the cycle to 10 weeks?


You don’t have to its just what i would do.

10 week cycle is easier to recover from, you will start PCT sooner as you are using prop and with cycle also being a few weeks shorter you will be ready to cycle again almost 4 weeks sooner.

also 75mg test p ED might be a little more potent than 600mg test e a week


Ok, i am changing my order to 2 bottles of test p instead of test e. My last pin with test e was friday. I think i will start my first pin of test p this friday (1 week after my last test e pin). Does this sound smart or should i start sooner?


It doesn’t matter that much as long as you don’t leave it longer than a week.

Make sure you get enough test p to last the cycle - Its often dosed around 100mg/ml so less the test e


Ok, maybe 3 bottles. Thanks for your input. Very helpful. Glad i dont have to jump ship.