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Interruption in Diet Plan - SOS


Hi. I will have to go to my parents place for a couple of days and attend a friend's wedding. I can't take my diet plan there, which involves eating every three hours or so. Can someone suggest a link where I can learn how to prepare meal bars from protein powder etc using my microwave, and which i can carry with me to minimize the damage during those days. I am sure such links exist but i can't find good ones. Any other tips would be much appreciated.


don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you MUST eat every X number of hours to lose fat. it simply isn’t true. the most important two factors with regards to fat loss are (1) creating a calorie deficit, and (2) eating enough protein to spare muscle loss.

there is no magical number of hours between meals that will make you lose weight if the above two criteria aren’t met.


I am actually trying to gain weight - and create a calory surplus. I just want to be able to preserve the gains i have made so far over the two days that i will not be able to eat as many meat meals.


They aren’t going to disappear in two days.

Eat what and when you can, and try to make it dead animals as often as possible.


my bad, yeah a couple days doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things. just eat, relax, and get back on your plan when you return