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Interrupted Dieting


Ladies and Gents,

I am a reservist in a USMC infantry company, and I would like suggestions on how to transition from and back to my diets on drill weekends, which are once a month.

Or does it even matter. We are extremely active on the weekends with little sleep (4-6 hours from friday till sunday), lots of physical exertion whether it is a 20 mile hump, or long patrols that culminate in live fire attacks (long walks with heavy gear followed by lots of sprinting)

I'm trying to focus more on losing body fat right now. I'm about 10% bf and 199 lbs. I have just been jumping back in to my diet the next day with 1700 calories on off days and 1900ish calories on training days.

Thanks for your time.


I would say don't worry about it too much. If I were you, I'd get some Metabolic Drive bars or something like that to have so that you can still get protein every few hours. If you're performing a lot of physical activity, and you're in the middle of a cutting phase anyway, drill weekends might actually help you lose some fat.


What's up devil..

As long as your consuming more calories on regular w/ends and w/days then I wouldn't sweat your drill w/ends. Looks like you should be eating alot more cals than you currently are. If you don't want to loose that muscle then you should think about eating more cals (and put down the beer can...I know how you are). Those calories don't count for fat loss diets.
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