Interpreting Testosterone Blood Test

Recently requested a blood test to check my Testosterone level (I’m 39yrs old). The result came back as “Normal”. With some pushing I got told it was in the middle of the reference range and was 17

After searching for a while, I found one mention of the reference range for men: 11-36

Now, I’m totally crap at maths, but even I can tell 17 isn’t “in the middle” of 11-36 so I figure I’m pretty low.

My questions to you guys are:

a) What sort of numbers have you guys had (whilst off the gear of course)

b) Mick Hart in his “Layman’s Guide to Steriods” recommends blokes my age with low Test to take ANDRIOL. Do you agree?

Cheers guys!

It’s the classic conundrum.

While you’re in the low-normal range, most of us want to be in the high-normal range.

Your sexual function is probably adequate or more than adequate, but you feel cheated. I’d feel the same way.

As far as Andriol, it’s a great steroid–theoretically. It doesn’t aromatize or reduce much to speak of.

Trouble is, you have to take the 40 mg. capsule several times a day.

Even worse, most of the people I know who used it in the past (including me) noticed nothing from it.

Even blood tests failed to indicate a rise in T.

However, the Chinese combine it with teaseed oil and inject it intramuscularly and have had great results.

In Japan, it’s been used as a suppository with equally good results, but you probably dont want to go there.

You could try Test boosters like TRIBEX or Alpha Male, but in lieu of that, I’d recommend plain ol’ Testosterone Cypionate injections.

That’s a very helpful reply TC, thanks mate.

I’ll try Tibulus and see how I get on before going down the T-cyn route. cheers.