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Interpreting Results?

Hi guys,

Due to the symptoms I’ve been experiencing during the last few months, I’ve asked my GP to test my hormones.
Unfortunately, the GP was only willing to ask for Total testosterone, E2 and DHEA-S even though I asked to test free and total test, SHBG, LH, FSH, etc. (in accordance with the information learned from the stickies).
I’m going to see the GP this week with my results (with ranges) which are as follows:

TT 27,9 nmol/L (8,6-29,0)
E2 96 pmol/L (95-223)
DHEA-S 6,55 umol/L (4,34-12,2)

Since E2 ranges are a bit different than the one mentioned in the stickies and in numerous TRT threads, I would appreciate some input regarding interpretation of the above results.

Would the low E2( guessing it’s low since it’s on the bottom part of the range) be enough to test everything else (as I initially requested the GP)?
Obviously TT is not enough to make any conclusions, i.e. FT, SHBG would also be required.


With a total T that high you are not going to be lacking in free T, even with high SHBG. Also, LH/FSH is only needed in a low T situation so testing for those is probably not needed either as they diagnose primary or secondary. You are neither. Your E2 is on the lower side obviously. What are your current symptoms? Do they coincide with low E2 symptoms? You may want to target some thyroid tests.

Thank you for the reply.

My symptoms:

  • weak libido
  • erections not as hard
  • almost no morning wood
  • feeling very emotional (like a little bitch)

I use iodized salt, supplement with vit D3 125 µg per day, magnesium citrate, vit B12, fish oil.

I think that you are making the mistake of assuming that all of the E2 ranges is a desirable target. You need to be thinking optimal. E2=223 would be horrible.

Lab ranges are part of the bell curve, normal distribution of lab results seen in a population sample, where many of the guys were not optimal.

For TRT, we like to see guys at high normal TT and E2 near 80 pmol/L

So your numbers are actually quite good.

The symptoms of low thyroid function are mostly the same as low-T.
Have you been using iodized salt to support thyroid hormone production?
Feeling cold easier?
Outer eyebrows sparse?

You can eval overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky.

If TT had been low, then testing FT, LH/FSH would have been a good follow up to diagnose the cause.

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On the contrary, I know that not all of the E2 range is not desirable (as explained in the stickies), it was just the matter that I thought it might be too low since its on the low border line (and the range is a bit different than the one mentioned in the stickies, different units obvioulsy).

Given the symptoms, my First thought was that E2 might be too high, mostly because I’m feeling very emotional most of the time.

Just to point out that I’m NOT on TRT and not using AAS.


181 cm

-describe body and facial hair
hairy lower body, upper body some hair on my chest, facial hair so-so

-describe where you carry fat and how changed
belly area and love handles

-health conditions, symptoms [history]
- weak libido
- erections not as hard
- almost no morning wood
- feeling very emotional (like a little bitch)

-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever
Occassional Symbicort for asthma (https://www.mysymbicort.com/)

-lab results with ranges
TT 27,9 nmol/L (8,6-29,0)
E2 96 pmol/L (95-223)
DHEA-S 6,55 umol/L (4,34-12,2)

-describe diet
mostly eggs, chicken, fish, occassional red meat, rice, pasta, cottage cheese, various vegetables
cca 2,800-3,200 cal
water 3-5 litres Daily, tea, coke zero 1-2 a week
vit D3 125 µg per day
magnesium citrate 4g per day
**vit B12 **
fish oil 3
zinc 30g per day

-describe training
3-5 times a week depending on work, currently doing strenght skill circuits

-testes ache, ever, with a fever?

-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed
almost none

Have you been using iodized salt to support thyroid hormone production?
Yes, at least for the past 2 years where I made sure that the salt is iodized. Not sure for the previous period.

Feeling cold easier?
Not sure

Outer eyebrows sparse?
Always were as far as I can remember, should I include a pic?

I’ll check the oral temperature during the week.

This is usually a good indicator of lower thyroid function that has been going on longer term. If you ask if that recovers if thyroid function is later restores, I really don’t know. But Thomas Edison had sparse eyebrows in pix living in Ohio and Michigan, prior to iodized salt introduction in 1922 and then in later life in New Jersey where sea food would be available his eyebrows looked full. So much for my odd research.

10 February 2017
Waking temp. (5am) 36.2 celsius
Mid afternoon temp (2:30 pm) 36.1 celsius

11 February
Waking temp. (7am) 36.3 celsius

12 February
Waking temp. (9:30 am) 36.4 celsius
Mid afternoon (3 pm) 36.7 celsius

13 February
Waking temp. (5:15 am) 36.0 celsius
Mid afternoon (3pm) 36.6 celsius

14 February
Waking temp.(5:15am) 36.0 celsius
Mid afternoon (3pm) 36.7 celsius

15 February
Waking temp. (5:15am) 35.9 celsius
5pm 36.2 celsius.

16 February
Waking temp. (5:15am) 35.8 celsius
3pm temp 36.4 celsius

will keep track for the following few days.

@KSman any suggestions?

So I’ve finally been able to get my doc to test TSH and the result was 2.62 (0.34-5.0). She said that this is great and there is no need to test for fT3 and fT4. We all know this is just not true :confused: I asked if she can still ask for additional ft3 and fT4, but she refused.

Anything I can do, or do i have to get this privately, i.e. any advice based on this alone @KSman?

Easy in most USA states.
And you are where?

What are you doing about selenium?
You need 150-200mcg/day.
Selenium deficiency can harm the thyroid. Try that with more iodine and see what happens. You can find out if these are factors via temperature response.

Doctors are the problem.

I’m in Europe. I can get this done privately, but it’s pretty expensive. Will try with iodoral 50 and selenium for couple of weeks and see what happens. I recall that you’ve experienced improvements in 2-3 days once you started IR.

Not currently supplementing with selenium.

Thanks alot for the feedback!