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Interpreting Labs After PCT

Hey guys, issues I’m having are my libido is mostly trashed, I ran a sarms cycle in 2018, didn’t recover so I started on TRT for 12months at 80mg a week dosed ed then switched to eod sub-q, didn’t help with erections, come off and I completed the PCT on that 4months ago. However my erections have not been the same, I can get one but its at best 5/10 strength and also the drive just ain’t there, very little spontaneous erections, some in the night and the morning but they’re weak. So I got a dutch test done after reading some posts on here that they have merit, anyone can help me interpret these results?

Much appreciated, it’s an odd feeling feels like I have fkn coke dick 24/7, I drink alcohol maybe once a month, no rec drugs beyond a couple of lines of coke maybe every few months and I havn’t had any of that this year. tried cialis, levitra, viagra, ironically none help even at higher doses taken daily.

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This looks like a job for boy wonder @unreal24278

Your testosterone is on the low end of the range. What ester was the Test and how long after your last injection did you start your PCT? Could have been a mistimed PCT.

Not sure what your LH or FSH came back as either. You could try some natural test boosters to get your test up slightly while you wait it out.

PDE5 inhibitors wont work if you have no desire for it.


thanks for the response guys, it was test-e, I started pct 10 days after my last jab and I ran it for a month, I initially took 50mg clomid and 30mg nolvadex tapering down to 25mg clomid and 20nolva until the end of the pct

There’s your answer. You didn’t really pct, you just took pct drugs. I’d try it again. Nolva at 20mg for six weeks, then three weeks off and redo blood work.

just nolvadex? I also tried clomid for 3months before TRT on advice from an endocrinologist that I saw but felt like shit the whole time despite my levels being great and on the higher end of the range and estrogen/prolactin within range I had times of feeling depressed, flat and my libido was in the absolute gutter, currently on a blood test my test/free test levels are in the range, near the bottom though and estrogen/prolactin are within range also, would you recommend HCG also? I have access to that but I’ve never tried it

Yeah, Nolva-only is the recommendation for precisely the sort of thing you went through with clomid. Nolva has a much lower incidence of side effects and it’s significantly stronger. Kind of a win-win.

As far as HCG goes, it’s very useful, but you have to get the timing right. It isn’t used during pct because it is in it of itself suppressive. It’s perfect between your last test shot and the start of your SERM. In your case that window is gone, so if you use it for two or three weeks that’s just adding to your total pct length. If you don’t mind the extra time then I’d say go for it. But without knowing your LH (I didn’t see it on your blood work) it’s hard to say if you need it or not. It certainly can’t hurt, but that’s not a good reason to do something all on its own.