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Interpreting Blood Work


Hi everyone,

I had some blood work done, and I wanted to know if anyone could interpret the results for me. They have guidelines in the papers from my doctor, but I'm guessing the Mayo Clinic standards for health are really lax, and I'm looking for a more fine-tuned specification.

Note: I am a 25 year old at 187lb w/ 10% body fat. Blood was drawn at noon after an approx 14 hour fast.

Total cholesterol: 198
Triglycerides: 54
HDL: 78
LDL: 109

TSH: 1.4 uIU/ml
B12: 686 pg/ml
Testosterone: 623 mg/dl
IgG: 1112 mg/dl
IgA: 197 mg/dl

Gliadin AB (Gluten tolerance)
Gliadin IgA Ab: 3
Gliadin IgG Ab: 2

From what I've gathered, it looks like I have great gluten tolerance and excellent lipid profile, but I'm having trouble interpreting how my test and cortisol compares to people my age. Any insights?


What cortisol data?

Why were these tests done? What problems do you have?


That makes two of us since you didn't provide any cortisol data

Lipids look excellent...test is mid range...