Interpreting Blood Work & Next Steps

Hi guys,

I’m due to see a TRT specialist in Australia in the next few weeks (Dr Adrian Zentner) but wanted to seek a bit of guidance on here beforehand!

I originally went to my GP to get some closure around depression and got some blood work done to make sure - turns out my Testosterone levels came back super low which made me have some additional blood work done just to make sure. Given my symptoms - I wanted some clarification on my two T readings, I’ve had conflicting conversations saying they’re within range but for my age they are super low - right?

Age: 22
Weight: 185lbs ish
Lifting: 4 or so years, 185/190 deadlift, 150 squat (pre injury) and 100 bench - KG!
Mostly store a lot of my fat around my lower abs and thighs.
Clean diet & limited drinking - never smoke or anything.

Blood work / symptoms:

Symptoms: depression, inability to think clearly, brain fog, negative outlook, poor memory, low motivation, poor energy regardless of sleep, erectile dysfunction, lack of sex drive, work performance has taken a huge hit, no morning erections (very rare), digestive issues (potentially IBS) and find it hard to get a full erection.


Total T:
1st Reading - 9.3 (11.5-32) (Low)
2nd Reading - 11.5 (11.5-32)
Free T: 211 (260-740) (Low)
SHBG: 37 (15-50)
FAI: 31.1 (15-100)
TSH: 1.08 (0.40-3.50)
FSH: 2.6 (1-12)
LH: 3.2 (0.6-12)
Prolactin: 160 (80-500)

Dr Z is requesting some additional blood work for me for our consultation in the next few weeks - but is there anything I can do in the intermin? Also - would appreciate some help on my results as I’m having a hard time understanding my overall results!

I’ve been digging a lot into TRT - and understand its a big jump and commitment espicially with my age. Given my readings and symptoms so far - should I be even considering TRT? I’m doing everything you should be doing to have a healthy T level - healthy eating, training, sleeping etc but the question is am I jumping the gun here? Realistically I’d like to explore all the avenues and use TRT if I absolutely have to- would it be worth working with an Endo to do further testing alongside Dr Adrian Zentner?

Thanks a lot guys.

You shouldn’t be scoring at the bottom of the range at your age, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out something is wrong with your pituitary gland. An reputable hormone doctor once said when you dip into the 200 ranges it doesn’t go back up without intervention.

SHBG is slightly higher than midrange and is affecting Free T levels, TRT will help to lower SHBG. Normally SHBG increases with age, drinking alcohol can cause it to increase over time.

I don’t see any estrogen testing, low estrogen caused me IBS. As a matter of fact I’m recovering from knocking down estrogen too low using an estrogen blocker and IBS returned for a week. I reduced the Eblocker and IBS is gone.

Low or high estrogen can wreak havoc on the male body causing all sorts of symptoms.

Doctors may prefer to try you out on Clomid or HCG before going the TRT route.


Hey mate

Thanks for responding. Given my results and symptoms (going to get E2 checked amgost other blood work as well) would you say it’s worth exploring Clomid or HCG if offered at this stage? Or would you say TRT is a good definite route to take given symptoms & blood work?

Only thing I’m concerned with is fertility - should I really push for a HCG early on as well as doing a sperm count test?