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Interpret results please

A few weeks ago I did JMB’s fat loss plan (1 month heavy cardio then drop cals). I lost about 12# total (in 20 days) and definitely ended up leaner. Now I expected to rebound but I’ve only come back up by 2#. This has got me concerned 'cause I don’t trust either of the bodyfat tests (Tanita or calipers). Visually I know I lost fat but ALL of my measurements are down (ie arms, quads, waist, neck, etc.). My gf has commented several times that I’ve ‘lost my ass’ and its true. I had to take my suit trousers in to be altered and they took 2" out of the waist and a lot out of the seat. Now my upper body strength has held up well thru all this but my leg strength is down maybe 20%. I was lifting heavy and doing cardio while on the diet. What is your opinion? Did I loose lbm from my legs or is most of this overall size reduction really fat loss?

Did you run,as your cardio?

Not much. I walked on the treadmill at about 4.0 mpr 20-30 min and did short runs (~5 min) at 6.0 mpr. But I had never done cardio before.