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Interpret Labs Taken at 830AM?

Screenshot_20190605-145145_Drive What do you guys think about these numbers? Symptoms are lower energy, difficulty putting on muscle, lower libido…

Free T is abnormally low and elevated SHBG is the reason. Normally we see men who have high SHBG with very high Total T levels, which indicates secondary hypogonadism and would need LH testing to find out.

High SHBG is usually genetic and could be partly do to lifestyle factors as well, extreme dieting/fasting.

TSH is terrible and indicates hypothyroidism, need Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3 and antibodies to investigate. Sadly doctors still believe TSH in range is normal, there is nothing normal about TSH reference ranges. The reference ranges are compiled from sick people, not health people.

The fact there are no actual thyroid hormones tested is an indication this doctor is poor choice to manage your health.

I would also add that any doctor who takes insurance will be unable to assist you in managing your TRT protocol for the fact insurance based doctors are not permitted to allow Total T levels >800 do to a complete lack of knowledge by both parties. You will likely need Total T levels >1000 to increase Free T to health levels.

You will need to seek private care from doctors not hogtied to narrow insurance guidelines.


Check prolactin?

High LH low end total t. Could have testicles issues or pituitary tumor.