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Internet Stats. Who Knew?


that an old High school buddy of mine, who i have not heard from in 15 years or so, is one of the worlds strongest men, if not the strongest man????

im on facebook now, and he finds me. my vids and pics on this site are linked up there, and he comments on my 565 box squat that "those are baby weights, add 300lbs and you might be close to what i can squat"

he claims at 41 years old and less than 240lbs to these RAW(of course) lifts:

505x4 bench press
900 plus squat
700 plus deadlift(he claims he has a bad back...)

wow, assuming the 505x4 equals around a 550 single, his total would (if he would ever care to grace the competitive pl platform with his awesome presence) 2150 plus total. that would be the all time biggest RAW total ever. beating the likes of beu moore (2127 total at super heavy).

i feel so special. little did i know one of the great unkown lifters of all time is an old hs buddy of mine... wow... i feel faint.


oh, still waiting on his vids and pics...


Well I went to school with a guy....

Seriously, that's hilarious man. I love that he called your lifts "baby weights."


Internet numbers FTW post the videos when you have them !


I am afraid you have not been introduced to the internet equation, all lifting numbers must be devided by 2, by 3 if the person is claiming world record status. And of course when you post your own number you must do the opposite.


Videos mate or he is full of sh!t



this is what i wrote him...

I hope you were just kidding with all the trash talk, but in case you were not...

so lets get this straight william, you claim 500 plus for reps, and that 300lbs more than my 565lbs "would get me close to what you can do" so im assuming you claim well more than an 865lb squat, 900lbs or so? and a 700lb deadlift "with a bad back" .

wow, those numbers not only make you one of the best lifters in the world today, but they actually make you THE best lifter in the world right now. I am assuming those numbers are RAW, since you did not mention equipment, and i checked all the websites for the Powerlifting feds , and your name was not there. your 2150lb or so total you claim you can do bests Beau Moores 2127, who currently holds the world record(and is a super heavyweight over 308lbs).

now you dont look skinny, but you do not look 300lbs plus. so not only do your numbers beat his, but considering your lower weight class you absolutely blow him away! heck, did you know you could outlift the current all time RAW Powerlifting champion?

heck, your numbers are better than this guys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSIYgrocNfc&feature=related

i dont think your as big as one of his legs, but yet you bench as much, and way out squat him. he deads a little more than you, but heck, you got a bad back, after all... lol.

i competed and placed in the top 3 in 3 alabama state powerlifting championships, 2 cotton state championships, 2 regional qualifiers for the collegiate national championships. i totaled class one in 4 different weight classes and master at 198lbs. i made it all the way up to the A division in the highly competitive southeastern highland games association (thats one notch below pro).

now despite all that, i have never claimed to be much more than an average(if even that) strength athlete, but i have trained at some of the best gyms in the country for powerliftting, like diablo barbell in concord ca, and the famous westside barbell in columbus OH. i have trained wtih and at times competed on the same platform or field with world champions and even olympic medalist. but yet you , who nobody in the strength community has heard of, claims numbers in the powerlifts that are better than the current world record holders?

"your sitting down, ican do that" this has to be a joke right? you have no knowledge of "box squats" though you are obviously and elite level lifter?

"i have a bad back" really? shall i go through a list of the injuries and surgeries i have had over a 20 plus year period of training my ass off and competing in various strength sports?

come on william, i have trained with some of the best and strongest strength athletes in the world. you claim numbers that put you right in with those guys. one thing that elite athletes do not feel the need to do is trash talk and belittle other lifters that are not as good as they are and are just trying to be the best they can be.

please dont tell me you found me on facebook after all these years just to show me what a douchebag and BS artist you have become.

heck i dont know, maybe you are legit, and you are the best kept secret in the strength training community, but until i see pics/vids, i call bullshit to those numbers. i can post links to vids of me deadlifting 665lbs, squatting 505lbs for reps DEEP, and front squatting 400lbs DEEP.

my numbers are NOT impressive by any means, they are barely respectable, but they are legit and i can prove them.

anyhoo, if you are ever in northern cali, look me up, and we can get together and train, and you can show me how the big boys do it...


take care,



his response:

i weigh 302 pounds.right now.there are to other guys in auburn who are stronger than me.yes i no what a box squat is.life is to short to be so serious.i just lift for fun.


Does it surprise you that people are retarded?


It's obviously bullshit and you care too much, forget about the lifts and if he's an old buddy it might be worth putting that aside and just reconnecting with him instead.


Trash talking over the internet isn't very effective when you can't spell or type correctly.

That goes to both of you.


Ahhh, yes.

The, "I'm much stronger than people who have literally dedicated decades of their lives and sacrificed both body and soul in the pursuit of a higher total, but quit taking my claims so seriously. I just lift for fun," guy.

Not a big fan.

Not a big fan at all.


HT doesn't trash talk.

He's one of the good guys.

Run along now, Junior.


wow, he sure showed you. i'll bet you feel pretty silly now for having doubted his awesomeness. he and his friends are clearly the world's strongest lifters.


Have to say that video was awesome, the song made is all that much more hilarious.



inflating internet numbers is one thing. It's really sad when they have no idea how to make it even close to being believeable. a good troll would at least have some idea of what's believeable or not and then add some to that. next, he's going to start giving you advice on your lifts.

it reminds me of that old thread in the bodybuilding forum where some master's bodybuilder was claiming a 600plus lb bench. he had a vid but it was so obvious that the vids where fake.


Why did you write him an essay? he was prolly joking about.


LOL. Successful troll is successful.


There's always somebody who's already done that, or had a buddy/uncle/dad do it for reps or some shit.

Unless I see it, I don't trust anything from you interweb jokers.


Nice work!
gives a slap on the butt