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Anyone ever buy from eurobolics.com?
Whats the chances of getting busted comming into the U.S.

5.78% but then again 37% of all statistics are just made-up.

A few Tnationers have direct eurobolic experience [I do not] my overall impression is you probably want to look a bit further.

man this is a pain trying to find a supplier.

its not hard ur just lazy. you can find a source in less than an hour.

no, if i were lazy i wouldnt be asking so many questions and I wouldnt be up this dam late trying to find a source when I have to wake up in 5 hours.

I am trying to find something state side and not get taken for my money and no delivery.

it’s not that hard to find good sources…there are lots around…you just have to look in the right spots…the problem with asking ?'s when you havn’t been here long…people get suspicious…so…you won’t get a great deal of help…surf this board, and few others, ask the “big” guys at your gym…
if you do place an order…just be smart about it…do a small one to start…that way if you do get scammed, or it gets confiscated…it’s not a big deal…you won’t be out alot of $$

another thing you might want to do your fist time is only buy someting that is not scheduled yet so the punishments will be slim to none.

I ordered stealth from eurobolic. I would’nt dare order anything other than stealth, though, from an overseas source. I’m currently using their test en. You may be sore for a little while in the injection site… but you don’t care, right? I mean, fuck, you ain’t no fuckin pussy, right? Alright, then.

Anybody know whether the online pharmacy HELLAS actually provides the real stuff?

has anyone heard of that advanced stealth site? or any experience with it?

Gentlemen a word of advice none of the TNation vets who know the answers to your questions are likely to answer them on this public a forum. Even less so will they discuss their own suppliers.

PM might net you a tad more info. Otherwise sniff around some more.

I heard since that pharmacy in florida got busted you cant get steroids in the US now. I guess your just out of luck duke. I would try xyience.

Labs are like pawn shops, there’s one on every corner but you have to look around to find one thats got the “legit” rolex. :slight_smile:

eurobolics is shit there gear is jumped hard they are hard scammers to some may not experienced that from them but i know they will take your money and run, if they send u gear it will be fake. i recieved winstrol from these guys took me 7 months to recieve it then found out it was fake , 90% of it was water!

once i found the right place u could tell the diffence between good and very bad gear

ditto what androboy said. avoid eurobolic like the plague. They are rip-off artists

How did you figure out the content? I’m not doubting you, just curious.

There are still pharmacies in the US that will compound the product for you and ship it overnight. It definately helps to know someone that works for the company; however, there are an increasing number of doctors and longevity clinics that will do your blood work and prescribe the hormones legally.

Despite the laws becoming stricter and the scheduling of steroids changing in the past few years, I believe obtaining gear is becoming easier and will continue do to the fact that many doctors are not only using it themselves, but the risks proclaimed in the past were simply exagerated which raises the question of why the government includes juice in their “War on Drugs”.

(Maybe to justify paying their gung-ho DEA agents $40K per year)
If you can’t find a website, you may want to just try a hormone replacement facility. Good luck…