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Internet Ruins Another Kid's Life


Well the girls wish of her video is probably going to go viral, but for the wrong reasons

I guess the night before, this girl was supposed to get a free meal from dunkin because the cashier did not give her the receipt. But the cashier refused to do so, so the the next morning the girl decides to go there with her camera to get her meal. Which is whatever, people have nothing better to do with their lives.

But while the guy is being polite and giving her the free meal, the girl is being a complete cunt and cursing and talking like she's a badass for no reason. She also talks to other customers who clearly want no part in what she's doing.

People have figured out her facebook page and phone number, so im sure she's been taking a lot of shit lately.

I just don't get why people need this attention.


would still hit


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Hate to break it to you bro, but she has a business degree.... SHE'S TOO GOOD FOR YOU


I feel like that's gonna be a life motif from this point on :frowning:


If you wanna end up on Jerry Springer. It looks like she would take it to that level


She has a business degree though. She doesn't need my life protes.


Wow, she is basically the female version of Prof X.


Would someone please explain to me just what is so god damned important about a receipt?


i dunno why she gotta scam free food and drinks outta DD with a business degree


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It's business degree stuff. Way over our heads.


She works in mysterious ways. In the name of the market, the fund, and the CEO.


That was my favorite part.


When the zombies come, I hope she is amongst the first to be trafficked between marauder parties as a lowly concubine.


Just looked over her facebook page, seems she's just as horrible and falsely entitled as the video makes her out to be. Plus she likes "Elizabethtown", so of course she's total scum.


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Was in the top YouTube comments of the video in the original post, along with her phone number which I believe she has since changed. But she only posted it again yesterday, so I'm not sure if it's been changed since then, or she's actually dumb enough to repost her new one on her wall, I don't entirely put it past her.


She's ridiculous, a spoiled rich white girl that hasn't been broken down quite enough to live peacefully amongst the rest of us. She's also a facebook fan of the "Joel Osteen Ministries", so that's fucking hilarious too. Deserves to get shit for this, amazes me how she's not listed as single, maybe she's GPS Adam's new squeeze.