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Internet Pharmacies

This is not about gear!

My girlfriend has been taking amitriptyline for depression/pain. She’s been on it for a couple of years and it really helps. The doctor suddenly wants to see her before he’ll issue the new re-fill. She doesn’t have insurance anymore–lost her job and had to take a lower paying one–and the freakin’ hundred dollar “oh, okay, I just wanted to touch base” office visit seems to be a little out of line.

So I’d like to know about any of these pharmacies you see on-line that either don’t need a scrip or claim to have a doctor on staff. Are any of them legit?


Yes they are, I’ve used them to get some non-narc pain meds. I’ve only used the domestic not foreign ones though.

This really is a good resource for people who know what they need, but don’t have the extra cash to pay for a doctor’s visit plus the medication.Good luck to you and your girl!

check out www.drugbuyers.com and you’ll find lots of legit pharmacies within the US. Good luck!