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Internet Mail Order Companies?

Well, I have just had it confirmed (from TGA)that it is legal to import T2 and T2-pro into Australia for personal use!
Is there any feedback as to Netrition (www.netrition.com) as to service and reliability for mail-order. The main reason for Netrition is that they appear to have very competative Internatational shipping rates (As well as still having stock of T2).
Any other suggestions for Companies who ship internationally would be greatfully accepted.

I use Netrition exclusively. I’m in Massachusetts so I get my stuff in 2 days max. The shipping is always the same no matter how much or what I order. I love their site. I’ve actually been promoting them so much that I get stuff for people at work. All together we soend about $600 to $800 a month there.

Yes, Netrition is very reputable when they ship internationally. I am in Greece and they have never failed to deliver my order in less than 3 days after it was processed. However, KNOW YOUR COUNTRY’S CUSTOMS RULES!!! You see, since they use Fed-Ex or UPS, each of these private companies is required by law to check these things thoroughly through customs, and here in Greece they phuck me because after I pay the large shipping fee, they hit me with a $100 or so customs charge every time in order to process it through customs and then be delivered to me. So for me, it is a double-edged sword but for you in Australia it might be a whole different ballgame. Do your research on customs and then decide.

Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback.