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First off Hello all. I am new to all this. I am not an internet person. Forgive me if I am a little behind the times. If the technology doesn't involve a fireing pin or explosives Im a bit ignorant. So here we go. I am a 31yo 2 tour combat veteran. I was pretty banged up in my 8 years of service. I had a few major surgeries and my Tlevels are about 315 the last time I was checked at my local VA hospital. My doctors there suck and I have been passed around a lot and was sent to a Urologist. She now gives me 200mg Cypionate every 2 weeks. This is all she has given me. I know I need some Anastrozole and Im sure a few other items b4 I even think about starting. Please tell me someone where I can find a doctor who isn't GOV D***HEAD. Save me from myself good people of T-NATION. I am 5'8 180lb working out for 8 years. Was in great shape till my injuries. Please help.


It can be very difficult to find a doctor that's willing to work with you.

First off, I recommend reading the stickies. You can find them at the top of the topic list (the 6 topics with a yellow note next to them. This one may be particularly relevant for you: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/finding_a_trt_doc

If you'd like any more help beyond finding a doc, we'd be glad to give you some advice. For starters, pretty much all of us are going to recommend taking injections twice a week (at your dosage, that would be 50mg twice a week, e.g. Sunday and Wednesday); one injection every other week overloads your body with testosterone which then converts to estrogen, and it doesn't give you a steady dose of testosterone - you're going to peak on day 2 or so, and by day 9 you're probably crashing hard.

Could you post your labs? It would be useful to see what your case is like so that we can get a better idea of what might be causing your low testosterone. We'd need the lab result, the units of measurement (e.g. pg/mlL) for each result, and the lab range that should be provided with the lab result.


Thank you Akaji. I will see what I can do to post all my labs if I can get my hands on them. The VA is a little bit of a pain.


I know my levels are low due to my many surgeries. I had open heart in 06 and knee in 07. I had also suffered a TBI during a jump. I am recovering from all these well from what my echos and Mri's show. However, when I took my labs for Tlevels it was 315.


Being in california and being what you have been through, I suggest you make an appointment to see Dr mariano in bayside CA.
What meds are you on. Pain killers kill your LH and T levels.
Adrenals need to be addressed
thyroid needs to be evaluated.
Giving your past I would suspect PTSD.


Ok thanks. So how do I find this DR? What is his location? As for meds..I have taken probably "since I go to a VA hospital for all treatmen" every known med on depression, ptsd, pain and well all the such. THey even have me on parkensins meds. GOT ME! Damn docs are killing me. Not to mention the heart surgery and all that went with that. I have a few broken bones still that are forever broken. PTSD and TBI are my biggest enemies as of late.

However, the pain and hate I feel inside really helps when I am doing 1000 situp/flutter-kick/crunch a day. I just would like to get down and skip the BS...I lost 20lbs of muscle over night after heart surgery. I have no muscle in my back anymore and my chest is nonexistant. I need to figure out how to get optimal results "SAFELY" and legally that I can. I have a heart time bc my levels are so low 315 that no matter what I do or even eat don't gain.

Hit me up if you can just get me where I need to be and I will do the rest. TY TNATION>


Dr romeo mariano
bayside CA
I'm a moderator over there..


Thank you. Its good to see that there is so much help on here. I am a destroyed combat vet that wants to drop that TITLE and reclaim my "Billy Bad Ass" Title. lol.
Soon to be Unbroken


Since I don't have insurance due to the fact I go to the VA hospital...how much are we talking here for the consult? I am not made of money but I do have a low steady flow that lasts a lifetime.