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Internet Gear

was wondering if anyone has ever ordered gear off the internet, and if they did, did they have any trouble getting it shipped, and does anyone consider the gear online to be bogus. ive never ordered from the internet, but am thinking about it, considering my dealer just isnt easy to get a hold of, and the prices are decent. mainly concerned if anyone knows if the stuff on websites is the real deal, cuz im a little skeptical before i buy some sustonan 250’s in bulk.

what country are you in? there are alot of options for you. have you been to a dr and had blood levels checked? if you are worried about fakes there are real doctors that prescribe steroids and growth. i’ve used two in the u.s. if you are looking for something like that pm me and i’ll give you their internet address. i’ve used “other” means of getting legit, quality gear also, but i think you should stick w/ a dr so they can monitor your progress…