Internet Explorer Removal?

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CEZAR wrote:

BTW, there are ways to get around the windows update problem, I forget the name of the software, but if you google it you should be able to find it.

Of all the great info on this thread. I must say this sentence is by far the most enlightening.

I agree. Packed with precise and useful info. “I forget the name…if you google it you should be able to find it.” Genius!

BTW, forget about trying to remove IE from XP, can’t be done. You’ll need it anyway to update windows and office…unless, of course, you google the mystery workaround software suggested aboove… ;o)


FYI, if you remove IE, your system will be more secure and run faster. A lot less patching needs to be done:). I swear half my IAVAs were for IE and IIS.

Anyway I didn’t rememeber the name of the software that does windows update without IE, cause I only read about, never used it. All the windows machines I worked on were on a LAN, so we just downloaded the updates we needed and pushed them out, SOP on most networks.

Here’s a plugin that I found for home users that’s even easier than what I looked at before. You can use it on firefox.

You don’t “need” IE for anything. Any halfway decent webmaster knows to write his code so it supports the most common browsers, not just IE. So most if not all good websites that are W3C complaint will work in Firefox, netscape, etc.

And yes MCSEs who are more than paper ninjas will agree on this.

Cezar, wrong on several counts.

First, IE cannot be completely removed from the system unless you cripple the system. There are several products that use components of IE for embedded browsers, XML and HTML parsing, etc.

Second, there certainly ARE instances where you can’t use anything other than IE. For example, Outlook Web Access. Try running that in Firefox with full features enabled.

Now, I’m a big Firefox fan and use it almost exclusively. But I’m not an anti-IE zealot, and acknowledge the reality of the situation.