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International vs US

I have been currently been receiving all of my supplements us domestic as it is “safer” however ordering international is cheaper and there is more of a selection, I am not asking for sources or anything I’m just curious as to how “safe” going through customs would be and the whole process as a whole. Thank you

I know there is zero talk of source and brands, so this isnt me trying to get. I’ve googled it a few times and I have no idea how y’all find this stuff. The few websites I’ve seen look super fake and sketchy.

Domestic is significantly less safe than international and it’s not particularly close. Whoever told you it was safer has zero idea how LE works.

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Oh really? I have always been under the assumption that receiving scheduled drugs through customs would be way sketchier than US domestic because of mail privacy laws, would you care to elaborate?

Domestic sources get pinched all the time. You’re an easily-traceable buyer most of the time and the you’re buying from someone within the same jurisdiction of the LE that busts said domestic source.

International packs that get stopped, unless they’re large quantities of raws, tend not to warrant a ton of follow up. Too much man power is needed to do controlled deliveries, etc. But if you’re buying in-country then mail fraud is much more easy to prove and to act on. You can get swept up in larger operations because LE is already involved with that source.

So is there ANY benefit of ordering domestic lol? Because ordering international is even less expensive.

I personally like to order domestic for a few reasons.

  1. The main guy I order from has in my opinion better quality gear and more options then most major international vendors.

  2. The turn around time is substantially less. I can place a order and have my gear within a week rather then waiting 2-4 weeks or longer for international orders.

  3. Domestic mail security is a complete joke. The chances of my parcel being confiscated domestically by the usps is slim to none.

  4. I don’t have to sign for anything and iv never had a package siezed (I have had 1 package siezed internationally nothing happened tho)

As iron mentioned the major risk with domestic sources is when (or if) they get popped. Now our mailing address is potentially in the hands of law enforcement.

Here’s the thing tho if juice bro John gets popped in little Rock Arkansas for manufacturing steroids and he has a list of people’s names and addresses sure my name is now on the desk of detective dick weed but what is he gonna do about it? Call the detectives 8 states away and say hey so and so name was found during a bust? Then what? Good luck getting a judge to sign a search warrant based on my name and address being written down somewhere. There’s no proof I actually bought anything or received a package.

Then you have what is called “honey pot” operations where a major drug dealer is busted and law enforcement will set up shop and act like everything is OK while they continue to accept orders etc (last major one was run by interpol for a dark web website) I have never seen this done for someone selling steroids. I have heard of it being used for major heroin, cocaine, bust to find the people purchasing large amounts of drugs for resale but I hate to say it you ordering a few vials of steroids for a cycle isn’t a big enough deal to where they are going to spend thousands of dollars building a case to arrest you only for you to plea to a possession charge and go home with a fine or a couple years of probation.

What I’m getting at is wether you order international or domestic unless your ordering ridiculous quantities and somehow get caught up I wouldn’t be overly worried about law enforcement. So then it comes down to what your prefer who you trust what products they offer etc.


The turnaround time is the allure of domestic. Like Zeek said, less than a week vs 2-4 weeks is the typical comparison.

A lab recently got exposed as being LE-run for the last three months. They’re going hard now. The reality is that the three letter agencies cannot keep up with the synthetic opioid epidemic that’s hitting customs from China every day. They can’t stay ahead of it no matter how much manpower they throw at the problem. But nailing a local UGL that has a few hundred grand in cash and huge inventory is an easy bust. Heroin/fentanyl is rarely being processed by the recipient of the international order(s). Those guys have layers of couriers that move the stuff before it hits the distribution network. But most UGLs are ordering raws from China, receiving them, brewing their stuff, then selling it. Maybe they use a reshipper (though mostly not), or maybe they have a cousin go pick up the packs, but they are very close to the product as it arrives. They’re easier to bust because they make it easier to get busted.

So as far as customs go how frequently are items seized, I’ve heard horror stories which is why I haven’t looked at going international and have just stuck with us domestic

Lol if I even tried to give you statistics on that I would be making the numbers up.

I can tell you iv only ordered international drugs 3 times and once they were siezed. I also know buddies who have ordered countless packages and never had an issue.

It pissed me off tho I lost almost a grand and decided at that point if I could get it domestically or even from a domestic source who retails for an international source I would take that route forward.

Iv made numerous steroid orders domestically and in a previous life often used domestic mail for illegal use and never had an issue (knock on wood).

Domestic is safer due to less rigorous security checks regarding parcels. Ordering internationally you risk the chance of a parcel seizure, and if law enforcement believes you have the potential to order/obtain a commercially traffickable quantity (amount likely varies by state law), a search warrant and subsequent raiding of you’re premises could occur.

Unfortunately in Aus, even domestic mail gets checked from time to time, however LE could care less about a small amount of AAS, I believe they’re more focused on looking for methamphetamine, of which is somewhat of an issue in Aus.

Check this shit out though

Maybe law enforcement is actually looking for guys with tiny amounts of illicit substances (so one vial of gear in the mail)… Lololol, seriously what a joke. Clearly the guy caught here is a huge threat to society, putting countless lives at risk.

In the U.S the cop would probably be too busy laughing at those sad looking plants to even think about an arrest. If they ever posted something that rediculous here they would catch so much shit for it. They would probably end up on late night T.V. as a bit

Yeh people have ridiculed the QLD police for this post. And understandably, if you read the post itself you’ll notice the force seems so out of touch with the times, making statements such as “it’s a good thing were getting these dangerous drugs off the streets” in relation to the four tiny pot plants found… What dangerous drugs? The tiny plants this dude was cultivating for personal use? My… What a horrendous crime.

It actually infuriated me somewhat when I saw this. Ruining some poor blokes life over THIS… There are large groups of people who push MDMA towards children (14-17) here, high rates of muggings, stabbings and gang related violence in certain areas. Yet the police decides to waste their time on this??? Why…

Even if this shit isn’t happening in wherever this dude was located, I bet it costs the government more to bust this guy compared to the amount of marijuana they theoretically could’ve gotten off the street ASSUMING this guy was cultivating for commercial purposes, and looking at the nature of these plants and the quantity, it’s more than likely a first grow + personal use.

They probably spent like… 5 grand + to get less than an ounce off the “streets”… And by streets I mean likely some otherwise law abiding citizen growing some reefer because he was bored and/or had a medical condition

Gotta love the coalition’s logic

Furthermore, the ACT is looking at legalising marijuana right… So the ACT police steps in and says “well if you do that, we will prosecute residents under federal law for possession instead”… I mean… You could just go by state law instead of being a cock and purposely being difficult.