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International Travel with No Script

I’m going to Greece to see relatives (close family funeral) for 11 nights in October from UK. Not ideal during COVID but unavoidable.

I self prescribe TRT at 75mg E3D (175mg pw).

I don’t want to take the syringes and needles on the plane as I have no prescription. I know it’s unlikely anybody will see or care if I put them in the hold but I’d be nervous as hell.

Question- if I took a much larger dose of around 350mg just before I leave would my test levels be far too low by the end of the trip? My t peaks at 800…would it drop below 300 after the 11days?

I know people occasionally get injections every 2 weeks and I know it’s not ideal that way but will I feel like shit at the end of the break or should I be ok?

Should I maybe take 500mg to avoid it dipping too much at the end? I know there will be a huge E2 spike initially.


You can take a shot the morning of your flight and pre-load a syringe and put it one of those plastic toothbrush cases (put some cotton balls in each end to keep it from moving around) to put in your checked in baggage. Put it in your shaving kit and it will be fine. If they do pull it, just say you have a script but you dont have it on you. Worst they can do is throw it away. Pin yourself half way thru your stay and toss the syringe in a trash can away from your family’s place.


Try smuggling the syringe in your anus.

With the needle cap removed.

Personally, I’d just take extra before I left.

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Either will probably be fine. Well, not the anus one, but the extra beforehand or one shot midway through options should work. I’d do the midway through one personally.

Great idea. Thanks. I’ll definitely do that.

So preload the syringe with test but take the needle separately? Or attach the needle to the syringe beforehand?

You could probably load the syringe, attach the injection needle, then put it back in the syringe wrapper which makes it look like its unopened and for medical use? Insulin needles would probably be even less risk?

I’ve traveled extensively internationally with a pack of 20-30 syringes with needles and at least 4 vials of test (in case I get stuck somewhere) and knock-on-wood they’ve never looked at it through multiple different airports, even though I did have a script along. I’ve even brought Androgel without script but kept it in a random small sealable shampoo bottle. I don’t think the needles are big enough to show up on a luggage x-ray as even i was surprised they never pulled it and searched. Hope I didn’t jinx myself…

All together. (Keep everything sterile) Probably want to draw a space in the syringe for expansion or anything else, just in case.


That’s a load off my mind.

Appreciate it mate.

I’ve done this before. Should be no problem for you. Make sure to get an opaque holder and put it in your shaving kit and in your checked bag

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Great stuff. Thanks.

Just out of curiousity, what would the benefit of pre-attaching the needle be as opposed to leaving the needle in the wrapper next to the pre-loaded syringe (in the toothpaste container)?

Do you not think it looks a bit more suspect (like I’ve got something to hide)/dangerous with the needle attached (I know there’s very little chance it will be found anyway)?

I see your point but essentially the syringe is uncapped and could leak if the plunger gets pushed or air pressure changes

Edit: Your needles have caps, right? The screw on kind?

That makes perfect sense.

My needles are capped but for some reason I was visualising it as uncapped.

This idea sounds great. Much appreciated!

Yeah listen to @studhammer - you might be surprised at the amount of illegal shit people routinely take in checked luggage and never have an issue.

No one really cares. A “Friend” routinely carries vials in his CPAP, sometimes moved into a B-12 bottle, sometimes just loose amps. Syringes in the checked bag - needles are legal everywhere anyway. No issues. Ever. Many flights, multiple countries.

I will add that a condom is a great way to keep the syringe sterile while in the anus.

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Contrary to what some have suggested RE: preloading syringe… I would NOT leave an airspace… Liquids are NOT compressible… air is, so leaving an airspace will cause a pressure differential… just my thought…

Is it legal also to go with syringes and needles in the USA in the checked baggage?

That scheme sounds great. Do you think it would be ok to do it if going to USA?

Lots of diabetics travel with needles. Needles are not illegal in the U.S…

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Yes but do you have a prescription/script?

If I had one of those I wouldn’t have any issues about taking vials/needles anywhere at all.

Not as easy when you’re self-prescribing.