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International Travel Destinations


What three places would you like to visit?

What are your lifetime favorite destinations you’ve been too

I’ll take a guess at your top three you’d like to visit using pictures. Tell me if I’ve gotten any correct

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I was going to add a picture of an avocado and say “Mexico” because Mexico is the top producer of avocados worldwide… But I didn’t think you’d want to go to Mexico as a first, second or third preference optimal destination which ruined my joke. Instead I’ve picked Vatican city, rural Australia and Venice.

Did I get any correct?

Doesn’t this look enticing?

Come to Australia and you can experience total isolation + not being able to leave your house for months on end in all of its glory!

I’ve visited the Vatican on my honeymoon. It was the only international travel I’ve ever done. I’m not a well-travelled person. The cruise included Italy (Rome, Naples, Venice), Spain (Barcelona), some city in France I forgot, Greece (Athens, Mykonos), and Turkey (Ephesus and Istanbul).

Next I’d like to visit Australia (not kidding), take a river cruise in Central Europe, and Japan.

Visiting Mexico has never occurred to me but I’d be up for it now that I think of it.

It looks like international travel for me will not be happening soon. I’m likely going to Tennessee later this year.


Been there and it’s nice! Most smaller lakes up in the north of Italy are also worth a day trip. Next I’m going to the very south of Italy.

No worries Chris :smiley: happy to discuss some travel

Top 3 would be:

  1. America. Road trip through the “flyover states” as the coast people call it and through some of the nature reserves (Grand Canyon!). I’ve been to yosemite and it was great. I would like to scale it up and go for longer. Maybe also go to Hawaii then.

  2. Carribean Islands or Russia. Both are equally scary and awe inspiring to me. The caribbean islands because of their barely over water existence and their uncountable small pieces of land in the midst of an ocean. And Russia is so vast that I don’t know where to begin. There’s some places like the wrangle island, which is probably not open for travelers but it’s crazy to think that not long ago mammoths walked this place. Then theres historical places and culture places. I wanna see St. Petersburg and some other stuff.

  3. Egypt and/or Israel. I love history and these are the places where I expect to have that awe feeling.

Runner ups would be Chile and Australia, but everyone of my friends made it not cool to go to Australia because they all went there in a gap year to “work and travel” and “find themselves”. Somehow I’m turned off by it now. @unreal24278 please help :smiley:

I’m assuming you have some serious freeriding mileage in Chamonix and the Dolomites?

A week. Wasn’t nearly enough. Fell in love with courmayeur and the Italian side.

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Everyone remembers the first time they crossed under the rope just below the top chairlift in Courmayeur.

The Dolomites are also an absolute must. In one memorable run there I’ve crossed under a waterfall, and almost crashed into a deer.

Did you visit the Vatican and come straight back or did you also check out Rome?

Both on the honeymoon.

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One not mentioned yet is Croatia. Beautiful location, history and people.

I’ll always take an opportunity to go to Greece, most people end up in Santorini, Corfu or Mykonos which are no doubt beautiful but a less popular place is Lefkada and is really something else.


That is correct.


Unfortunately, that’s is absolutely not true.

Wife’s mum lives there. Beautiful little island and not too over commercial.

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Haha the people in the villages were great and had amazing stories from the past.

I’m one of those “people in the villages” and I can assure you we’re horrible. In addition, the horrors of relatively recent history somehow become quaint when being told to tourists.


Originally planned to go there this year. Wanted to drive to Ljubljana and then go from there. I heard the water is great.

The next few countries I’ll visit are Italy again, Greece and Croatia, I think.

What should I avoid when I’m there? :smiley:

Yes, the water is fantastic. Go to the southern Adriatic and visit as much islands as possible.

Not much. The locals being largely small minded assholes with an inflated sense of self importance and delusions of grandeur who despise hard work won’t affect your holiday in any way.

Avoid tourist trap restaurants and boat excursion hawkers as it’s a blatant rip off. Respect nature, don’t litter and don’t pick up anything from the sea bed, including clams and oysters. Remember that, with the exception of a very few large hotel chains, the concept of a “private beach” does not exist in local maritime law, all shoreline being public land and no one can force you off.

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  1. Mongolia
  2. Russia
  3. Zimbabwe and southern Africa in general (SA, Botswana, Mozambique)

Ideally being well armed in all three

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My MUN director organized a trip to a conference in Russia for me. Ironically, the consulate screwed up my visa and I was the only one who didn’t get to go. They got back three days before a subway bombing in St. Petersburg and their tour guide was on the train (she survived)

Haven’t been to Mongolia but have been to Inner Mongolia a couple of times. If real Mongolia anything like Inner Mongolia, 1000% worth it.

Yeah… probably a good idea…

Love it, thanks for the advice and your time!

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Seychelles, Dubai, Cancún

In the USA I believe Black Beach in California is still nude.
Cancún has a wonderful resort called Temptations that is topless by day…

Yes it is.

It is also a very short walk away from a popular hiking site in La Jolla, with no signs warning that the beach you were just walking on is about to become rather risqué……

Needless to say, my wife and I had some unexpected views our first week living in California