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International Travel Destinations

The riviera (northern west coast) is known for its full nude beaches. But in Italy (I’ve been there numerous times) on every beach there’s girls going topless. Italian women are also very feminine, usually even in their 40s slim and lean and if you like the Southern European type, lots are very beautiful. I’ve seen a few that easily match the caliber of pro models in playboy and such and they go topless too. Also, in Italy the Tanga/String Bikinis are always in fashion and most slim girls wear them. Not every very beautiful women is a playboy model (but they all are on Instagram haha).

Clearly, there’s less sexual connotation of girls going topless or nude in Italy than say in Germany.

I’ve also been to classic photo opp for models beaches in Italy and there is a higher proportion of women with surgery there as well as women who got their photographer with them.

All in all, I love Italy. Since I’m rather conservative when it comes to this stuff, I don’t go there because of nude women. I particularly don’t go to nude beaches and such. But the country has so much to offer. It is my favorite country for vacation this far. Just stay away from most Adria beaches, they are full of completely organized mass tourism. You can see some German whales there.

I’ll have to go over there when Australian borders open back up sometime in 2072.

I’ve always wanted to go to Venice

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I’ve never been there, but friends of mine told me it’s beautiful.

I can give you some recommendations, if I’m still alive when your borders open back up. Ive seen nearly every part of Italy, though most of the time not the big cities. Rome is a must if you like history. You’ll immediately feel the thousands of years of world history that happened there when walking through the streets.

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I have a list of countries I want to visit (including those I’ve already been to) when/if I make it back to Europe

1: Norway (in winter)
2: Belgium
3: Spain
4: Italy
5: Netherlands
6: Czech republic
7: Germany
8: Hungary
9: France (high prevalence of anti-Semitism puts this off from being higher up on the list)
10: Switzerland

We are hoping for a mid-2022 re opening. I’m thinking that will be 2023. Chances are we will push for a totally unrealistic vaccination quota like 90% just to abolish domestic restrictions (some 60% of Aus is in hard lockdown right now), then after some consolidation they’ll open up travel for those who have been vaccinated. With a near 30% vaccine hesitancy rate, whatever quota they put up probably won’t be met for a little while.

I always wonder how severe the economic ramifications will be. I know lockdowns have impeded access to healthcare, inpatient facilities, emergency services etc despite hospitals not being overwhelmed with covid-19. The result has been a rise in preventable deaths from cancer, type 2 diabetes etc that far outweighs the 5 deaths we’ve had from covid this year. That being said the covid death toll would be higher if we were to just let it rip as out vaccination rates are/have been unfathomably low.

Being in Australia, have you been to New Zealand? I would like to visit at some point. Just seems like a ton of geographic diversity in a small area.

Not since I was very young, it’s probably been twelve years at this point. I might check it out in the summer if I have enough money saved up.

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I notice your list includes zero countries in Asia. That’s becoming more and more common.

FYI France’s particular flavor of anti-semitism is contained within a handful of areas and is not as systemic as it will end up being in 20 years. So I would go sooner rather than later if I were in your shoes. Belgium is also pretty high on the list of places that aren’t great when it comes to the Chosen People. Italy is just beautiful, and I’m not just saying that because it’s my ancestral homeland. The countryside is amazing and the cities are all like a cartoon version of old world charm. It’s one of the few places that lives up to its hype. (Yellowstone here in the States is the winner of that contest in my opinion).


My list was top ten in Europe, though I’ve already been to Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands

I’d like to visit Thailand, Laos, India, Nepal and Cambodia.

Where in the holy hell is Greece on your list? Check out the Aegean you young buck :slight_smile: !

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I’ve been to Greece, had some random person try to start with me over there so it taints my memory.

I remember it was beautiful.

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Welcome to my topic, I guess!

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Hurray :tada::confetti_ball::tada:

It’s gone quite a ways away from discussing Cialis and the topic is broad enough to discuss in more detail with more input from people. Have at it.

What are your favourite real travel destinations (domestic or international)

Where would you want to go if you could pick three countries and it’d enable you to go totally free of cost?

I’d pick pre covid India around the Himalayas, Norway and Belgium.

Don’t. Too touristy. Honestly, you’re better off going to Bologna, Padova, Ferrara, Modena or Mantova which are around an hour to two hours drive away from Venice and are much more authentic. Padova has a large student population so if you’re in your twenties that’s a plus.

Lago di Garda (lake Garda) is also very impressive.

I’ve always wanted to go to all the places seen in “the secret life of whalter Mitty”. Hell I’d love to just travel. There are so many things I’d give my left arm to see. One day when child support is over I’ll have some freedom again and can travel. Until then it’s short trips to the beach :joy:

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Probably Italy for the food and wine, Ireland for the scenery and beer, and somewhere in the Caribbean for the beaches and umbrella drinks.

The eldest kiddo went to Thailand a few years ago and had an amazing time (elephant sanctuary, cave kayaking, etc.), but said the 18+ hour flight was a dealbreaker and he wouldn’t return. Both kids have also been to Iceland and really enjoyed the architecture and landscape.

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Italy. Dolomites and Mont Blanc region.


North island Japan.

Virgin islands. AVIs or BVIs.

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In Belgium they had a sour beer called gueuze (I think) that tasted like a cross between conventional beer and a sour patch kid. I’m no beer connoisseur, but this stuff was pretty good. Second only to my preferred yeast based alcoholic beverage is called stout. Unfortunately due to the high caloric content of these beverages I now choose to abstain almost entirely.

Ireland does look beautiful, recently saw a horror/thriller film called “the hole in the ground”, it’s set in Ireland. The cinematography was absolutely amazing, absolutely stunning scenery!

I am kinda interested in visiting Chili and Argentina. They seem cool. Have good mountains / outdoor stuff to do.