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International Shipping Appreciation


Tim?s announcement of USPS shipping option for international order is awesome news! Christmas has come early!

If this shipping announcement applies to you, then lets use this thread to show Tim and the T-Nation staff our appreciation of this announcement.

If you missed Tim?s announcement here it is:

Tim On New Lower International Shipping Costs

We've decided to ship all international orders via US Postal Service. This is the least-expensive carrier, and I believe they ship everywhere.

(This pertains only to international customers and US military installations. We will not ship domestic orders via US mail.)

We need several weeks to get all of this worked into our system, so please be patient. There's a lot more to it than simply programming Web pages. The US Postal Service has to get involved; staff needs to be allocated to shipping tasks; transportation to the Post Office has to be arranged.

Also, here are the basic rules for international shipments -- there will be no exceptions:

(Please don't be offended with what seems like a harsh tone. I simply want you to know the harsh reality of shipping outside the United States.)

1) The burden is on you (the customer) to get your order through customs -- you must accept full responsibility. Do not ask us to fill out additional paperwork on your end, and don't ask us for help. Seriously, we cannot devote 10 man-hours to shipping an order. Take full responsibility.

2) If you can't afford to lose your package to customs seizures, don't place an order.

3) If your country informs us that we no longer are permitted to ship supplements to that country, we will honor that request. So, there will be countries that we will take off our "ship to" list. Accept it.

4) Your orders might take an extra day to process.

5) We will do our best to create the most-effective process for shipping international orders. This might require you filling out online forms that seem burdensome. Please comply fully with accurate information. Our goal is to create a system that lets you store this information, and edit it when necessary.


Wouhou!!! This is really great news. I was waiting for this for quite a long time! I'm glad they finally heard us.

Consequently, as promised, I will proceed with a $300 order for celebrating this hehe. For those, who already ordered in canada, please give us some feedbacks concerning customs.

That would be helpful and very appreciated.

Thanks T-Nation!



Do they actually send packages by USPS to Canada now? I knew about the announcement, but Tim didn't specify when USPS shipping would be available.


This is absolutely fantastic! Now I will finally be able to order Biotest products direct (they cost about 2x the price here, and that is even factoring in shipping/customs costs from the US!).

One thing I wanted to mention/ask: USPS have various shipping methods for international mail. I have lots of things sent here from the US at my work, and the best method is USPS Global EMS.

It is not much more than standard international airmail, but gets there MUCH quicker, is insured and trackable. I hope this will be the/an option for us international customers.



Nice... Looking forward to it.



For Aussies (if we're included in this) I think we would have any dairy products seised (I had a quick look through the customs website.. anyone who actually has an idea be sure to weigh in.)

I had a package seized by quarantine because it contained egg products and didn?t specify how much - the manufacturer wouldn't reply to my email requests for info. Fair enough I guess, I ordered it at my own risk.

When (if?) it's up for us I'll try ordering something safe and cheap like ZMA to see how it goes.


I think many products will be fine through Aussie customs, I have received Grow! and Surge before, and the package was examined by customs...

I'm gagging for this International option!


Where did you receive them from?
I ask because I've heard that we have a special agreement with NZ...


This really is awesome!

Anyone an idea about shipping costs to Europe?


This is great! I'm always so jealous of you guys in the US getting cheap Grow!
I'm in the UK and a 2lb tub of Low-Carb Grow! costs ?40 here (approx $60!!!)

Hope I can get it shipped over here for less than that!


Yeah, I can't wait either.

I think it will benefit supp orders more than anything else. Grow! will be heavy and expensive to ship, but HOT-ROX, Alpha Male, etc. are light, and cheap to ship, while usually very expensive to buy outside the US.

I think this is good news to all the foreigners on T-Nation.

Any idea when they'll begin shipping USPS?


Check it here : http://ircalc.usps.gov/


The USPS shipping option has not started yet, I even phoned Biotest to make sure that I wasn?t missing anything. The person I spoke with stated that when it is announced there will be a notification on the product/store section of the website, so for now just keep checking that section.


Thanks for the info, will just have to wait I guess...


I cant wait for it to come into place, the prices we have to pay over here in the u.k is bloody criminal... on one website it advertised Alpha Male as being on offer, the rrp = ?74.99 and the sale price ?59.99

wrong!!! so wrong!!


I don't think it's available to Germany :frowning:


Damn right, mate! Although I have found Alpha Male for ?46, and Spike for ?40. Including shipping, by the way.

Still expensive, though.


Any news on the subject?


Can you post a list of the countries which you cannot ship to, or a list of the ones you can - whatever is shorter?

Countries we ship to link