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International Pharmaceutical, Real or Fake?

I’ve been offered some stuff from this company, they have some interesting combos, Tren and Test, 100+100 both Enanthate. Tren+masteron also 100+100 /cc and some other stuff.

The viles, 10cc looks legit, same amount in them, nice clear print that don’t come of easily etc BUT the boxes are printed with the manufacturing date and expire date. It’s NOT stamped on afterwards.

Anybody knows anything about this brand? Did a search on the net and got some mixed answers, some say it’s legit, some say it’s fake. Don’t know what to believe.

I trust the guy selling this stuff, have known him for years and he wouldn’t cheat anyone. Maybe he got cheated himself??



Hi Moose,

International Pharmaceuticals injectibles have been known to be variable in the quality department . I’d maybe stay clear of this gear until you get some legitimate feedback on its quality.


IP was busted a while back. Though I’m sure there’s still legit IP stuff around, there might also be some fakes.

Taking into account the fact that IP’s quality might not ALWAYS be very good and that there’s other companies that produce better-quality stuff at almost the same price, you’re better off going with another brand.

Thanks for the feedback guys. How long ago were they busted? I was told this gear was new stuff coming out, just a few months ago!!

What made me suspicious was the fact that the exp. and manufacturing date was printed on the box, not stamped on afterwards! I thought that was common with fakes?

Anyway, I’ll see what others are saying after trying this stuff out, I’ll wait.

Thanks again guys


Ps. What pricerange are their products? I was offered a 10cc vile with 100 mg tren+100 mg test/cc for a bit over 150$


The truth is there are about a dozen companies that go by the name IP. Many of those get their oils from IP, but not all.To the best of my knowledge, the ones that get their oil from IP, their actual vials and labels are made by the distributer, not the manufacturer.