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International Male: What Happened?


I got an "International Male" catalog in the mail today...

"Back-in-the-Day", it was VERY cool, with a lot of cool stuff...

Is it me...or did "IM" take a turn at some point to the "Gay Side"?

Or has it always had a gay slant, and me and my Boys were just clueless?

Is this an Industry Wide trend? (Like Shugs alluded to in one of his Blogs).




"Back in the day" International Male was selling leather pants and fishnet shirts along with the most bizarre underwear. So either you were clueless or you and your boys were exceedingly happy.


True, true...

But they were also selling other pretty cool clothes...



IM has always been a gay guy's mag. Sorry, 'fasa.


All men's clothing has turned gay. It's the new thing. Fashion is controlled by gay guys.

Why do you think that pink shirts and men's clothing that looks like women's clothing (stretch pants, etc.) are so popular now? It's what the homos want.



I've got your back. I too was once an IM shopper. It has always been a pretty gay magazine BUT it did have some cool stuff & cool workout gear.

I recently picked up a copy @ Book-A-Million to to get some new workout gear. I couldn't buy it...It looked like a copy of Maxim for women, plus there was no workout gear. Just page after page of bear chest & underwear that no man I know would wear.

It's gay now but once it was metro.


i remember back in boy scouts when "honcho" was a cool mag that the older guys got to read. but now it seems to've gone totally gay. or is it just me ?


What folks wanna wear is up to them but the stuff in the IM catalogue is:

A. Peekaboo Queerboy
B. Weird Colors
C. Expensive prices.

To make one thing clear: There are some gay and lesbian powerlifters at my gym who deserve respect. They come in, push the weights, rerack the weights and go home.


Agreed. Any more thought beyond, "does this shirt stink?" is gay.


On another note in the same vein:

Have you noticed how many 'gay' men's workout magazines there are?

They seem to be the lower budget mags, at least.






And I agree with Tony....people can wear what they want...and their orientation is their buisness...

But it just struck me how much the catalog had changed; and changed DRAMATICALLY.



Amen. Btw, what ever happened to the black t-shirts, worn in jeans, and tennis shoes look? Am I the only one that still wears this?


I can't believe it either, shopping nowadays sucks. I can't find any conservative stuff.

I either can dress like a fag, or a gangster. Now I know why the kids are all ganked-out. I can no longer question why they dress like that.


Nope, thats basically what I wore to work today, casual Friday.

Substitute steel-toed work boots for tennis shoes and the shirt is navy I think. Hell I'm colorblind don't ask me.


Proof positive that "fashion" these days is [i]not[/i] being designed with heterosexual men in mind:

Mod Warning: the following links contain images (and music) that some may find disturbing.



From their web site:
"Vizeau is the largest e-tailer for Men's Designer Swimwear and Activewear. Viseau is a small town in France. When founder Marcus Roche started his men's apparel company, he bought the tradition of the Old World into a modern, high-tech, capitalist structure of business. Being a European man, he understands the irony of losing a part of the past in search of a future. Most surnames get adapted or homogenised: Johanssen into Johnson, for example. Vizeau is a reminder of the transition and the reflection of a way of life in the most entrepreneurial culture in the world. It is one of a few privately-held companies without censorship in their poduct development."

Sweet mother of God, I wish they had MORE censorship in their product development. Who the fuck wears this stuff????


"...Who the fuck wears this stuff...?"

1) Gay Men.

2) Overweight, hairy, heterosexual males with beer guts, that for some reason unclear to me, like to hang out on the beach.



That is the funniest shit I have seen in a while. The porn music playing in the background was a great touch as well...but I think a few songs by Prince would have really set off the "assless" tights they are trying to sell. I know what I'm buying for spring break!

One more thing, perhaps you could warn people before you get them to click on that much "gay" at one time? My sensitive little eyes almost couldn't take it.

Mod Note: I thought I did give a warning...