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International Elite Lifters Training at Risto Sports

Want to lift with the best in the world from all over the world? Well, come on down to Risto High Performance Training Center!!

This week, Luz Mercedes Acosta of Mexico, Jonny Andica of Colombia, and Lesbia Cruz of Guatemala graced us with their presence. For our new lifters, this was an awesome opportunity to see a fantastic display of power and technique.

International phenoms Luz Acosta, Jonny Andica, and Lesbia Cruz lift with Risto Sports
Seeing a woman with 12% bodyfat toy with 90kg snatches is incredibly motivating. Seeing a 77kg lifter snatch double bodyweight for reps was also incredibly motivating. It is an eye opening experience, to see that, yes, lifting huge weights is possible!

For those who missed the action, we uploaded new videos on our youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/zaurbor?feature=mhee

We also had some up and coming National level lifters make a surprise entrance:

National medalists Jonas Westbrook and Dave Boffa stop by for a training session

I have a question. I am a beginner that would like to get into olympic lifting. I don’t have a lot of experience with these lifts and don’t have a lot of ability to do them at my current gym. However I am in the process of switiching gyms and my new gym does have platforms so I figure now is the best time to start learning proper technique. Am I someeone that can attend your gym? or are you guys suited more for experienced lifters?

also I can’t access your video you posted…could you repost?