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International Airports: Carry Test in Luggage?

Was wondering since I had been planning to go to Japan in future.

how would I do so with my TRT protocol requiring me to inject eod

If I don’t declared it and suppose I carry a few weeks supply of syringes and ampules would it be a crime?

I have travelled to Bangkok Vietnam where I just carried in my check in without declaring!

I usually have the T in my carry on bag and the syringes on my checked luggage. I’ve never ever been asked about it. I’ve never declared it.

Which countries have you done this in?

No where crazy far. Jamaica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Grand Caiman and few others

Because I think certain countries seem to have strict rules with controlled substances like Japan

You could be right. They’re was a similar thread in the pharma section not too long ago. Do a search and see if you can find it.

Why not store the vials with the checked luggage?

The airline staff are similar to my side chick… They both can get a little handsy.


I’ve been in and out of the US and Central America this way. The test is in my CPAP bag. NEVER piut syringes in the carry on though, that will get you pulled quick. Bottom line, they don’t care. Especially if it’s just a few weeks worth of TRT dose.

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How do people with diabetes do it if syringes will get you pulled? Honestly I just put them and the T vial in a plastic bag and just put it in one of the bin things with my wallet etc and I’ve never gotten asked about it. Which is honestly kind of crazy now that I think about it considering they have no idea what’s in that vial

I recently went to France for 2 weeks. at that time, I was also injecting EOD.

I put everything in my toiletry bag in my checked luggage and had no problems at all.

I’ve also traveled within the US with everything in my carry on and I’ve also had no problems.

My Dr said as long as the prescription label is affixed to the box the testosterone is in, that is proof it’s legit and yours.

Do you have your test in a box with your prescription label on it that has your name on it?

I travel with everything in my carry on. syringes and all. Have never been asked about it. No international travel yet.

Never had an issue international. Just make sure it has your prescription label on it, and a doctor’s note wouldn’t hurt.

I’ve traveled to the Caribbean and Canada and I carry all my test supplies in a diabetic organizer syringes and all in my carryon and have never had an issue.
If you are concerned about the syringes being confiscated I would carry more in my check baggage just in case.

Yes, I leave it in the box with the prescription printed on it