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Internal Rotators

After a couple of years of having active release done on my legs’ external rotators, I’ve finally woken up to the fact that in most of my glute/quad/hamstring exercises (squat, deadlift, leg curl), I unconsciously rotate my leg outwards. Of course, this gets especially worse when I do heavy weights.

The consequences of this have been extremely tight and injury-prone muscles, and poor balance.

So I’ve decided to work on my internal rotators to counter-act the externals, and to get rid of my bad habit of rotating outwards.

Any suggestions for strengthening the internal rotators? For avoiding using the external rotators?


I developed the same pattern,to counter I stretch the external rotators,tfl, vastus lat. prior to doing lower body and primarily do unilateral exercises i.e.single leg squats, lunges etc.(you’ll lose your balance if you externally rotate the leg).
I have lower back issues so Im cautious with heavier squatting etc.Ive found front squatting really works for me.