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Internal Rotation at the Shoulder

Hey, guys! I have a lot of internal rotation at my shoulder from staying on the computer all day long so trying to counter it in some way i haven’t done any front delt isolation exercises. Does that hinder my bench? Or can it in the long run? What are your thoughts on the subject?

It may not be an issue immediately but you should probably try to improve your posture at the computer and do a lot of face pulls. I know it makes a noticeable difference on how well my shoulders feel when I focus on them

Face pulls, band pull aparts, wall slides, dislocations, stretching the pecs and lat should help. Also even though your problem might not be related to your training you should look at your press to pull ratio. If you have problems with your shoulder in the squat or problems getting a good bar path on the ohp you could try some t-spine mobilization drills before your workout.

I hope these suggestions help you.

not missing out on anything not doing isolation front delt work